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Nhà > Các sản phẩm > Rơle > Relay điện, trên 2 Amps

Relay điện, trên 2 Amps14494 Sản phẩm Found


Omron Automation and Safety

Omron Automation and Safety
Omron Automation and Safety- Omron Electronics LLC is the US-based division of Omron Corporation's Automation & Safety business, a world-class manufacturer of industrial automation products with over 80 years of success.
We support machine builders and OEMs across the United States and Latin America with sensing and control technologies that help you deliver more capable and profitable machines in less time. We are dedicated to developing, manufacturing and supporting automation that improves the quality and efficiency of everything you make. Through collaboration with customers, we define objectives, identify problems and recommend/implement innovative solutions to help you achieve success. We strive to be your trusted partner in automation.
ALZ21B05W Image
HE1AN-Q-DC12V Image
ALE72F48 Image
LJR224AD Image
  • Phần#:LJR224AD
  • Nhà sản xuất của:Crouzet
  • Sự miêu tả:RELAY IMPULSE DPDT 10A 24V
  • Trong kho:615
G5RL-1A-E-HR DC48 Image
LY4-0-DC100/110 Image
JW1FSN-DC24V Image
  • Phần#:1112361001
  • Nhà sản xuất của:Weidmuller
  • Sự miêu tả:RELAY GEN PURPOSE SPDT 6A 24V
  • Trong kho:490
HC4-HL-DC6V Image
MJN3C-IN-AC240 Image
LY2-AC24 Image
SFY2-DC5V Image
RTB14012F Image
R10-E1M4-V2.5K Image
G6CK-1114P-US-DC6 Image
HC3-H-AC6V Image
ALZ21F18 Image
HC3-HL-AC120V-F Image
S89R5DAC1-24 Image
V23092A1005A201 Image
RM332110 Image
8870000000 Image
  • Phần#:8870000000
  • Nhà sản xuất của:Weidmuller
  • Sự miêu tả:RELAY GEN PURPOSE SPDT 16A 115V
  • Trong kho:4455
AHES3295 Image
OJ-SS-124LMH,000 Image
7-1415025-1 Image
HC1-H-AC240V-VDE Image
G6CU-2114P-US-DC5 Image

Relay điện, trên 2 Amps14494 Sản phẩm Found