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Sensör Arabirimi - Bağlantı Blokları1038 Ürün Bulundu


Molex, LLC

Açıklama:MPIS M12 NON 5P 4PT BK 10M DUAL
Molex, LLC
Molex, LLC- As a leading global supplier of electronic interconnects, Molex is focused on designing and developing innovative solutions critical to products that touch virtually every walk of life. Our portfolio is among the world’s largest with over 100,000 products, including everything from electrical and fiber optic interconnect solutions to switches and application tooling.
Molex serves customers in a variety of industries, including the telecom, datacom, computer / peripheral, automotive, premise wiring, industrial, consumer, medical and military markets. And because we have the highest levels of R&D investment in our industry, Molex is known for providing a continuous flow of innovation in areas such as high-speed signal integrity, miniaturization, higher power delivery, optical signal transmission and sealed harsh-environment connectivity.
For over 70 years, our focus has been on providing advanced products that meet tomorrow’s needs, today.
  • Bölüm#:1202480029
  • Üreticiler:Molex, LLC
  • Açıklama:MPIS M12 NON 5P 4PT BK 10M DUAL
  • Stokta var:327
1695252 Image
1120955118 Image
  • Bölüm#:1120955118
  • Üreticiler:Molex, LLC
  • Stokta var:85
917-10M NC032 Image
  • Bölüm#:1201130020
  • Üreticiler:Molex, LLC
  • Açıklama:MPIS M8 PNP 3P 10PT M16 BK SGL
  • Stokta var:3975
2736453 Image
BOX1M1212MA08M803F Image
  • Bölüm#:1202480030
  • Üreticiler:Molex, LLC
  • Açıklama:MPIS M12 NON 5P 4PT BK 15M DUAL
  • Stokta var:360
1681017 Image
1692718 Image
  • Bölüm#:1202480004
  • Üreticiler:Molex, LLC
  • Açıklama:MPIS M12 PNP 4P 4PT BK 5M SINGLE
  • Stokta var:494
1692381 Image
  • Bölüm#:42-05002
  • Üreticiler:Conec
  • Açıklama:CONN M8 FML 4POS
  • Stokta var:395
1695113 Image
  • Bölüm#:42-05010
  • Üreticiler:Conec
  • Açıklama:CONN M8 FML 3POS
  • Stokta var:961
1452547 Image
  • Bölüm#:8714240000
  • Üreticiler:Weidmuller
  • Stokta var:202

Sensör Arabirimi - Bağlantı Blokları1038 Ürün Bulundu