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Çakmak Takımları63 Ürün Bulundu


MPD (Memory Protection Devices)

MPD (Memory Protection Devices)
MPD (Memory Protection Devices)- Memory Protection Devices is a world-class designer and supplier of electronic components of power connection technology. Our specialties include battery holders, battery contacts, 12 volt auto assemblies and connectors. Because of the focused nature of our product line, we offer the highest quality parts in the industry and competitive pricing. This commitment to excellence is reflected in our certification as an ISO 9001:2000 company. Some of the services we offer to clients include personal customer service, custom manufacturing, and unmatched technical support.
Our support team is very familiar with many of our customers' specific applications, especially those in telecommunications equipment, industrial controls, consumer products, alarms, motherboards, medical devices, and military gear. For example, the battery holders made for medical applications must be manufactured in zero-defect processes and be resistant to organic growth. The military sector requires battery holders featuring extreme shock and vibration resistance with no loss of power continuity. Telecommunications, alarms, motherboards, and many stationary consumer items use their batteries only for back-up power, and so they require long-lasting, oxidation-free holder solutions. We have learned the specific needs of each industry we sell to and have crafted products specifically to meet those needs.
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AP-104-NT Image
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AP-131 Image
ZA5018 Image
APP-001 Image
AP-129-GRN-V0 Image
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AS-203B Image
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BK-6048 Image
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AP-129 Image
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ZA5072 Image
ZA5074-B Image
EP407 Image
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ZA5036 Image
ZA5075 Image
AS215 Image
AS212 Image
APP-001-2AMP Image
AP-121 Image
APP-001-15AMP Image
CNC-SAE-16-046-003 Image
AP-120 Image
AP-130 Image
ZA2060 Image
ZA2030 Image
AP-129-GRN Image
ZA1010 Image
15951 Image
  • Bölüm#:15951
  • Üreticiler:Panavise
  • Stokta var:6586
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ZA2050 Image
ZA2070 Image
AS214 Image
ZA5074 Image
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Çakmak Takımları63 Ürün Bulundu