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Home > Line Card > TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
TE Connectivity AMP Connectors

TE Connectivity AMP Connectors

- TE Connectivity AMP, formerly Tyco Electronics AMP is the world's leader in the development and manufacture of a wide variety of electronic/electrical connectors and interconnection systems. Products range from terminals and splices to sophisticated high speed printed circuit board connectors and IC sockets, to USB and Circular Connectors.

Product Category

Connectors, Interconnects(98,990 products)
USB, DVI, HDMI Connectors - Adapters(4 products)
USB, DVI, HDMI Connectors - Accessories(12 products)
USB, DVI, HDMI Connectors(438 products)
Terminals - Wire to Board Connectors(66 products)
Terminals - Wire Splice Connectors(810 products)
Terminals - Wire Pin Connectors(72 products)
Terminals - Specialized Connectors(237 products)
Terminals - Spade Connectors(727 products)
Terminals - Screw Connectors(43 products)
Terminals - Ring Connectors(2,916 products)
Terminals - Rectangular Connectors(311 products)
Terminals - Quick Connects, Quick Disconnect Connectors(2,759 products)
Terminals - PC Pin, Single Post Connectors(361 products)
Terminals - PC Pin Receptacles, Socket Connectors(286 products)
Terminals - Magnetic Wire Connectors(751 products)
Terminals - Knife Connectors(28 products)
Terminals - Housings, Boots(1,146 products)
Terminals - Foil Connectors(30 products)
Terminals - Barrel, Bullet Connectors(198 products)
Terminals - Adapters(38 products)
Terminals - Accessories(19 products)
Terminal Strips and Turret Boards(3 products)
Terminal Junction Systems(5 products)
Terminal Blocks - Wire to Board(1,732 products)
Terminal Blocks - Specialized(62 products)
Terminal Blocks - Interface Modules(46 products)
Terminal Blocks - Headers, Plugs and Sockets(3,237 products)
Terminal Blocks - Contacts(4 products)
Terminal Blocks - Barrier Blocks(2,991 products)
Terminal Blocks - Adapters(127 products)
Terminal Blocks - Accessories - Wire Ferrules(66 products)
Terminal Blocks - Accessories - Marker Strips(39 products)
Terminal Blocks - Accessories - Jumpers(52 products)
Terminal Blocks - Accessories(288 products)
Solid State Lighting Connectors - Contacts(50 products)
Solid State Lighting Connectors - Accessories(87 products)
Solid State Lighting Connectors(550 products)
Sockets for ICs, Transistors - Accessories(61 products)
Sockets for ICs, Transistors(940 products)
Shunts, Jumpers(55 products)
Rectangular Connectors - Spring Loaded(41 products)
Rectangular Connectors - Housings(7,281 products)
Rectangular Connectors - Headers, Specialty Pin(49 products)
Rectangular Connectors - Headers, Receptacles, Female Sockets(1,668 products)
Rectangular Connectors - Headers, Male Pins(18,508 products)
Rectangular Connectors - Free Hanging, Panel Mount(7,057 products)
Rectangular Connectors - Contacts(2,837 products)
Rectangular Connectors - Board In, Direct Wire to Board(334 products)
Rectangular Connectors - Adapters(157 products)
Rectangular Connectors - Accessories(1,689 products)
Rectangular - Board to Board Connectors - Headers, Receptacles, Female Sockets(742 products)
Rectangular - Board to Board Connectors - Headers, Male Pins(506 products)
Rectangular - Board to Board Connectors - Board Spacers, Stackers(3,369 products)
Rectangular - Board to Board Connectors - Arrays, Edge Type, Mezzanine(2,128 products)
Rectangular - Board to Board Connectors - Accessories(22 products)
Power Entry Connectors - Inlets, Outlets, Modules(52 products)
Power Entry Connectors - Accessories(10 products)
Pluggable Connectors - Accessories(123 products)
Pluggable Connectors(1,214 products)
Photovoltaic (Solar Panel) Connectors - Contacts(10 products)
Photovoltaic (Solar Panel) Connectors - Accessories(19 products)
Photovoltaic (Solar Panel) Connectors(137 products)
Modular Connectors - Wiring Blocks - Accessories(2 products)
Modular Connectors - Wiring Blocks(2 products)
Modular Connectors - Plugs(162 products)
Modular Connectors - Jacks With Magnetics(123 products)
Modular Connectors - Jacks(1,042 products)
Modular Connectors - Adapters(32 products)
Modular Connectors - Accessories(91 products)
Memory Connectors - PC Card Sockets(239 products)
Memory Connectors - Inline Module Sockets(650 products)
Memory Connectors - Accessories(28 products)
LGH Connectors(161 products)
Keystone - Inserts(126 products)
Keystone - Faceplates, Frames(56 products)
Keystone - Accessories(24 products)
Heavy Duty Connectors - Inserts, Modules(290 products)
Heavy Duty Connectors - Housings, Hoods, Bases(1,332 products)
Heavy Duty Connectors - Frames(19 products)
Heavy Duty Connectors - Contacts(140 products)
Heavy Duty Connectors - Assemblies(2 products)
Heavy Duty Connectors - Accessories(184 products)
Fiber Optic Connectors - Housings(16 products)
Fiber Optic Connectors - Adapters(703 products)
Fiber Optic Connectors - Accessories(187 products)
Fiber Optic Connectors(373 products)
FFC, FPC (Flat Flexible) Connectors - Housings(237 products)
FFC, FPC (Flat Flexible) Connectors - Contacts(86 products)
FFC, FPC (Flat Flexible) Connectors - Accessories(12 products)
FFC, FPC (Flat Flexible) Connectors(664 products)
D-Sub, D-Shaped Connectors - Terminators(13 products)
D-Sub, D-Shaped Connectors - Housings(379 products)
D-Sub, D-Shaped Connectors - Contacts(56 products)
D-Sub, D-Shaped Connectors - Backshells, Hoods(481 products)
D-Sub, D-Shaped Connectors - Adapters(37 products)
D-Sub, D-Shaped Connectors - Accessories - Jackscrews(245 products)
D-Sub, D-Shaped Connectors - Accessories(385 products)
D-Sub Connectors(2,353 products)
D-Shaped Connectors - Centronics(847 products)
Contacts, Spring Loaded and Pressure(9 products)
Contacts - Multi Purpose(992 products)
Contacts - Leadframe(58 products)
Coaxial Connectors (RF) - Terminators(32 products)
Coaxial Connectors (RF) - Contacts(94 products)
Coaxial Connectors (RF) - Adapters(256 products)
Coaxial Connectors (RF) - Accessories(205 products)
Coaxial Connectors (RF)(2,035 products)
Circular Connectors - Housings(680 products)
Circular Connectors - Contacts(61 products)
Circular Connectors - Backshells and Cable Clamps(1,276 products)
Circular Connectors - Adapters(10 products)
Circular Connectors - Accessories(266 products)
Circular Connectors(1,414 products)
Card Edge Connectors - Housings(128 products)
Card Edge Connectors - Edgeboard Connectors(1,275 products)
Card Edge Connectors - Contacts(142 products)
Card Edge Connectors - Adapters(2 products)
Card Edge Connectors - Accessories(67 products)
Blade Type Power Connectors - Housings(80 products)
Blade Type Power Connectors - Contacts(40 products)
Blade Type Power Connectors - Accessories(52 products)
Blade Type Power Connectors(272 products)
Between Series Adapters(6 products)
Barrel - Power Connectors(13 products)
Barrel - Audio Connectors(11 products)
Banana and Tip Connectors - Jacks, Plugs(59 products)
Backplane Connectors - Specialized(4,772 products)
Backplane Connectors - Housings(591 products)
Backplane Connectors - Hard Metric, Standard(572 products)
Backplane Connectors - DIN 41612(645 products)
Backplane Connectors - Contacts(598 products)
Backplane Connectors - ARINC Inserts(5 products)
Backplane Connectors - ARINC(211 products)
Backplane Connectors - Accessories(682 products)
Relays(84 products)
Relay Sockets(21 products)
Power Relays, Over 2 Amps(56 products)
Accessories(7 products)
Test and Measurement(7 products)
Test Points(4 products)
Equipment - Specialty(2 products)
Equipment - Electrical Testers, Current Probes(1 products)
RF/IF and RFID(128 products)
RFI and EMI - Contacts, Fingerstock and Gaskets(63 products)
RF Antennas(65 products)
Audio Products(7 products)
Accessories(7 products)
Battery Products(13 products)
Battery Holders, Clips, Contacts(13 products)
Crystals, Oscillators, Resonators(6 products)
Sockets and Insulators(6 products)
Inductors, Coils, Chokes(585 products)
Fixed Inductors(585 products)
Isolators(5 products)
Digital Isolators(5 products)
Networking Solutions(3 products)
Switches, Hubs(3 products)
Soldering, Desoldering, Rework Products(1 products)
Soldering, Desoldering, Rework Tips, Nozzles(1 products)
Tapes, Adhesives(3 products)
Tape(3 products)
Tools(46,297 products)
Wrenches(21 products)
Wire Tie Guns and Accessories(3 products)
Wire Strippers and Accessories(54 products)
Tweezers(1 products)
Spiral Wrap, Expandable Sleeving(1 products)
Specialized Tools(232 products)
Screw and Nut Drivers(3 products)
Punchdown, Blades(8 products)
Insertion, Extraction(583 products)
Hex, Torx Keys(1 products)
Heat Guns, Torches, Accessories(172 products)
Fiber Optics and Accessories(63 products)
Cutting Tools(14 products)
Crimpers, Applicators, Presses - Accessories(29,559 products)
Crimpers, Applicators, Presses(13,948 products)
Crimpers - Crimp Heads, Die Sets(1,310 products)
Chemicals, Cleaners(1 products)
Assorted Tool Kits(15 products)
Accessories(308 products)
Cable Assemblies(15,432 products)
Video Cables (DVI, HDMI)(8 products)
USB Cables(19 products)
Specialized Cable Assemblies(137 products)
Solid State Lighting Cables(161 products)
Rectangular Cable Assemblies(2,990 products)
Power, Line Cables(13 products)
Pluggable Cables(238 products)
Modular Cables(752 products)
LGH Cables(366 products)
Jumper Wires, Pre-Crimped Leads(8 products)
Flat Flex, Ribbon Jumper Cables(615 products)
Flat Flex Cables (FFC, FPC)(1,159 products)
Fiber Optic Cables(7,210 products)
D-Sub Cables(671 products)
D-Shaped, Centronics Cables(8 products)
Coaxial Cables (RF)(48 products)
Circular Cable Assemblies(965 products)
Between Series Adapter Cables(64 products)
Cables, Wires - Management(137 products)
Splice Enclosures, Protection(4 products)
Spiral Wrap, Expandable Sleeving(1 products)
Solder Sleeve(23 products)
Protective Hoses, Solid Tubing, Sleeving(1 products)
Markers(2 products)
Labels, Labeling(14 products)
Heat Shrink Tubing(30 products)
Heat Shrink Boots, Caps(11 products)
Cable Ties and Cable Lacing(1 products)
Cable Ties - Holders and Mountings(3 products)
Cable Supports and Fasteners(3 products)
Cable and Cord Grips(1 products)
Bushings, Grommets(19 products)
Accessories(24 products)
Optoelectronics(289 products)
Optics - Reflectors(3 products)
Optics - Light Pipes(3 products)
Optics - Lenses(10 products)
LED Thermal Products(5 products)
LED Lighting - COBs, Engines, Modules(17 products)
Lamps - Incandescents, Neons(6 products)
Fiber Optics - Transmitters - Discrete(1 products)
Fiber Optics - Switches, Multiplexers, Demultiplexers(16 products)
Fiber Optics - Receivers(2 products)
Fiber Optics - Attenuators(136 products)
Display Modules - LCD, OLED, Graphic(2 products)
Accessories(88 products)
Kits(164 products)
Resistor Kits(3 products)
Potentiometer Kits(1 products)
Inductor Kits(5 products)
Filter Kits(1 products)
Fiber Optic Kits(14 products)
Connector Kits(128 products)
Cable Assemblies(8 products)
Accessories(4 products)
Hardware, Fasteners, Accessories(315 products)
Washers(75 products)
Screws, Bolts(125 products)
Nuts(66 products)
Labels, Labeling(15 products)
DIN Rail Channel(28 products)
Component Insulators, Mounts, Spacers(1 products)
Board Spacers, Standoffs(5 products)
Sensors, Transducers(80 products)
Temperature Sensors - PTC Thermistors(16 products)
Temperature Sensors - NTC Thermistors(31 products)
Specialized Sensors(18 products)
Pressure Sensors, Transducers(1 products)
Position Sensors - Angle, Linear Position Measuring(10 products)
Amplifiers(1 products)
Accessories(3 products)
Boxes, Enclosures, Racks(31 products)
Rack Components(5 products)
Rack Accessories(4 products)
Patchbay, Jack Panels(7 products)
Patchbay, Jack Panel Accessories(3 products)
Boxes(11 products)
Box Components(1 products)
Resistors(30,737 products)
Through Hole Resistors(10,257 products)
Specialized Resistors(6 products)
Resistor Networks, Arrays(44 products)
Chip Resistor - Surface Mount(18,085 products)
Chassis Mount Resistors(2,344 products)
Accessories(1 products)
Fans, Thermal Management(400 products)
Thermal - Heat Sinks(391 products)
Thermal - Accessories(5 products)
Fans - Accessories(1 products)
DC Fans(2 products)
AC Fans(1 products)
Potentiometers, Variable Resistors(656 products)
Trimmer Potentiometers(400 products)
Thumbwheel Potentiometers(5 products)
Slide Potentiometers(5 products)
Rotary Potentiometers, Rheostats(241 products)
Accessories(5 products)
Capacitors(447 products)
Tantalum Capacitors(367 products)
Ceramic Capacitors(64 products)
Aluminum Capacitors(15 products)
Aluminum - Polymer Capacitors(1 products)
Computers, Office - Components, Accessories(39 products)
Printers(1 products)
Labels, Labeling(5 products)
Accessories(33 products)
Filters(60 products)
Power Line Filter Modules(2 products)
Ferrite Beads and Chips(32 products)
Common Mode Chokes(26 products)
Optical Inspection Equipment(24 products)
Microscopes(3 products)
Eyepieces, Lenses(3 products)
Accessories(18 products)
Switches(11 products)
Rocker Switches(8 products)
DIP Switches(2 products)
Accessories(1 products)
Circuit Protection(13 products)
Fuseholders(8 products)
Accessories(5 products)
Motors, Solenoids, Driver Boards/Modules(4 products)
Motors - AC, DC(3 products)
Accessories(1 products)
Transformers(24 products)
Pulse Transformers(1 products)
Power Transformers(23 products)
Cables, Wires(2 products)
Fiber Optic Cables(2 products)
Development Boards, Kits, Programmers(9 products)
Evaluation and Demonstration Boards and Kits(9 products)
Industrial Controls(101 products)
Time Delay Relays(101 products)
Line Protection, Distribution, Backups(5 products)
Accessories(5 products)
Power Supplies - External/Internal (Off-Board)(4 products)
LED Drivers(4 products)
Static Control, ESD, Clean Room Products(1 products)
Clean Room Swabs and Brushes(1 products)

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  • Description:OC-152F260O-CRIMPTOOLINGKIT
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  • Part#:679754-1
  • Manufacturers:TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
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539951-2 Image
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  • Description:TOOL ERGO DIE SET MCP 2.8K
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  • Manufacturers:TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
  • Description:OC-AT-E-FA-055F080F-001-0046
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  • Description:HDM 5SMPR067F120O T
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  • Description:CAM ADJUSTMENT NUT
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  • Manufacturers:TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
  • Description:HDM SMPR070F130O G
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576779 Image
  • Part#:576779
  • Manufacturers:TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
  • In Stock:42
  • Part#:3-1633117-7
  • Manufacturers:TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
  • Description:ANVIL, COMBINATION
  • In Stock:371
  • Part#:1752651-2
  • Manufacturers:TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
  • Description:PLATE, REAR SHEAR
  • In Stock:491
  • Part#:2266111-1
  • Manufacturers:TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
  • Description:OC-AT-S-FM-074-052-001-0712
  • In Stock:21
  • Part#:1-525441-6
  • Manufacturers:TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
  • Description:PLUG GAUGE, HANDTOOL
  • In Stock:123
  • Part#:466801-3
  • Manufacturers:TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
  • Description:HDM SMPR090F155FK
  • In Stock:26
  • Part#:1426355-6
  • Manufacturers:TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
  • Description:HD INDL NON-AMP APPLI
  • In Stock:20
  • Part#:2-1803016-9
  • Manufacturers:TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
  • In Stock:523
  • Part#:2266468-2
  • Manufacturers:TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
  • Description:OC-AT-S-FA-150F-126-0437
  • In Stock:17
  • Part#:91526-3
  • Manufacturers:TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
  • Description:CERTICRIMP 2,SAHT MR
  • In Stock:60
  • Part#:2266208-1
  • Manufacturers:TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
  • Description:OC-AT-S-FM-050F120O-752-0075
  • In Stock:25
  • Part#:68132
  • Manufacturers:TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
  • Description:DIE COPALUM IP 69099 2/0AWG
  • In Stock:14
  • Part#:2266114-2
  • Manufacturers:TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
  • Description:OC-AT-S-FA-103F090O-001-0704
  • In Stock:23
  • Part#:1-220155-0
  • Manufacturers:TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
  • In Stock:9
  • Part#:466670-4
  • Manufacturers:TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
  • Description:HDM EMPR110F210FK A
  • In Stock:23
  • Part#:1852533-6
  • Manufacturers:TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
  • Description:HDM SMPO110F180F LM (CONT)
  • In Stock:17
  • Part#:7-1579009-9
  • Manufacturers:TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
  • Description:DIE SET W-CRIMP 16/35SQMM E
  • In Stock:97
1490413-8 Image
  • Part#:1490413-8
  • Manufacturers:TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
  • Description:TOOL NEST U-DIE SOLISTRAND 4/0
  • In Stock:165
  • Part#:1852329-1
  • Manufacturers:TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
  • Description:HDM SMPO055F055F LM (CUTS)
  • In Stock:20
  • Part#:46851
  • Manufacturers:TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
  • Description:INDENTOR
  • In Stock:150
  • Part#:3-1633305-1
  • Manufacturers:TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
  • In Stock:356
  • Part#:1238082-1
  • Manufacturers:TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
  • Description:HD-I SMPO055F070O LM (CUT)
  • In Stock:24
601966-2 Image
  • Part#:601966-2
  • Manufacturers:TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
  • Description:POSITIONER M22520/2-02
  • In Stock:479
  • Part#:1855164-1
  • Manufacturers:TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
  • Description:HDM W/FA SMPO055F055F LM (CUTS)
  • In Stock:19
  • Part#:69897
  • Manufacturers:TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
  • Description:DIE PIDG LG EXP 69875 12-10AWG
  • In Stock:30
  • Part#:2-2151618-1
  • Manufacturers:TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
  • Description:OC-PA-S-FM-080F130O-011-1024
  • In Stock:15
  • Part#:356524-1
  • Manufacturers:TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
  • Description:SPACER KIT
  • In Stock:417
  • Part#:2266584-1
  • Manufacturers:TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
  • Description:OC-AT-S-FM-063F080F-023-0674
  • In Stock:24
91548-1 Image
  • Part#:91548-1
  • Manufacturers:TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
  • Description:TOOL HAND CRIMPER 20-28AWG SIDE
  • In Stock:66
  • Part#:1278022-1
  • Manufacturers:TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
  • In Stock:3274
356611-1 Image
  • Part#:356611-1
  • Manufacturers:TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
  • Description:8AWG DIE SET FOR 69710-1
  • In Stock:18
  • Part#:1855275-6
  • Manufacturers:TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
  • Description:HDM W/FA SMPO070F085O LM (CONT)
  • In Stock:21
  • Part#:455755-8
  • Manufacturers:TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
  • Description:GUARD ASSY SIDE FEED
  • In Stock:87
  • Part#:7-690504-8
  • Manufacturers:TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
  • Description:STRIP GUIDE REAR
  • In Stock:312
  • Part#:4-1673600-3
  • Manufacturers:TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
  • Description:CRIMPER, WIRE F (.094")
  • In Stock:333
  • Part#:2-1579001-3
  • Manufacturers:TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
  • Description:CSE10-AE22 CRIMP HEAD
  • In Stock:141
  • Part#:539954-2
  • Manufacturers:TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
  • Description:TOOL ERGO DIE SET MCP 4.8K
  • In Stock:103
  • Part#:4-1490019-7
  • Manufacturers:TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
  • Description:CRIMPER, WIRE
  • In Stock:345
  • Part#:945045-1
  • Manufacturers:TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
  • Description:DIE ASSY
  • In Stock:16
  • Part#:734469
  • Manufacturers:TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
  • Description:MATRIZENPAAR
  • In Stock:172
  • Part#:224983-2
  • Manufacturers:TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
  • Description:GRIPPER STACKER
  • In Stock:27
  • Part#:58215-6
  • Manufacturers:TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
  • Description:DIN FERR DIE SET (.275-.300)
  • In Stock:16
  • Part#:1385597-1
  • Manufacturers:TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
  • Description:HDM SMPO080F110O LM
  • In Stock:18