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Hem > Produkter > transformers > Current Sense Transformers

Current Sense Transformers587 Produkter Found


CR Magnetics Inc.

CR Magnetics Inc.
CR Magnetics Inc.- CR Magnetics is a leading supplier of Electrical Instrumentation Products including Current, Voltage, Power, Frequency, Sensors and Components. Our Products are recognized worldwide and are used in all industries, including Automation, Utilities, OEM products and Industrial Controls.
You will find that our products will enhance your sensing applications with easy installations, built RoHS compliant and quick turnaround. We are committed to quality, reliability and offer technical support as we modify standard parts and introduce custom products for OEM applications.
MODEL 19 Image
PB0025NLT Image
CST306-1A Image
PE-51718NL Image
53060C Image
AC1020 Image
B82801A134A40 Image
CST306-1T-B Image
AP-1000 Image
PE-63619NL Image
FIS101NL Image
ACX-1100 Image
TCS-05 Image
  • Del#:TCS-05
  • tillverkare:Tamura
  • Beskrivning:TRANSFMR CRNT SENS 6A 1:60 RATIO
  • I lager:3977
B78417A2185A003 Image
  • Del#:AS-331
  • tillverkare:Amgis, LLC
  • Beskrivning:XFRMR CURR 15A 1:100CT VRT
  • I lager:14318
  • Del#:AS-101
  • tillverkare:Amgis, LLC
  • Beskrivning:XFRMR CURR 15A 1:100 VRT
  • I lager:28703
PE-64488NL Image
PA3208NL Image
  • Del#:7203
  • tillverkare:Bourns Inc.
  • Beskrivning:SENSOR CURRENT 35A UNI TH
  • I lager:3570
TT 50-SD Image
PA0368.050NL Image
CST306-2T Image
CR2550-A Image
CSE5-101001 Image
CCT272440-80-10-00 Image
CST206-3T-B Image
PB0025NL Image
AZ-0750 Image
C/CT-1216 Image
  • Del#:C/CT-1216
  • tillverkare:KEMET
  • I lager:2400
CR8401-1000-G Image
CCT406393-600-36-02 Image
MR-2 Image
  • Del#:MR-2
  • tillverkare:KEMET
  • Beskrivning:SENSOR CURRENT 0PH ID8.9MM OD24.
  • I lager:3736
56T200C Image
P0583NL Image
B82801C2245A200 Image
  • Del#:AS-332
  • tillverkare:Amgis, LLC
  • Beskrivning:XFRMR CURR 15A 1:200CT VRT
  • I lager:17837
  • Del#:AS-404
  • tillverkare:Amgis, LLC
  • Beskrivning:XFRMR CURR 50A 1:100 VRT
  • I lager:16679
PA3209NL Image

Current Sense Transformers587 Produkter Found