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Klein Tools, Inc.

Klein Tools, Inc.
Klein Tools, Inc.- Klein Tools is a company that makes products that can be counted on. Their only focus is on making hand tools that can stand up to the demands of the professionals who use them every day. Klein Tools uses superior workmanship, the highest quality materials, and keep their manufacturing as close to home as they can. Their hand tools can always be relied on to deliver all the performance, durability and precision needed to get a job done right.
According to Klein Tools: “We have to be proud of everything we make, because Klein isn’t just the name of our company, it’s also our family’s name. And since we’re an American company that’s been family-owned and family-run, since 1857, you know you can count on us to be here tomorrow.” This dedication to craftsmanship and quality is why Klein Tools is a top choice for Professional Electricians in the US.
  • Del#:32835
  • tillverkare:Wiha
  • Beskrivning:CUTTER SIDE OVAL SEMI FLUSH 6.3"
  • I lager:1255
1212127 Image
0251-07M Image
491 Image
PA900256 Image
  • Del#:7211
  • tillverkare:Aven Tools
  • Beskrivning:CUTTER SIDE TPRD SEMI FLUSH 5.5"
  • I lager:4591
D259-4C Image
  • Del#:7113
  • tillverkare:Aven Tools
  • Beskrivning:CUTTER SIDE OVAL RZR FLUSH 5.5"
  • I lager:3300
MS543JV Image
JIC-195 Image
  • Del#:JIC-195
  • tillverkare:Jonard Tools
  • I lager:3959
MS545JV Image
30931 Image
  • Del#:30931
  • tillverkare:Wiha
  • Beskrivning:CUTTER SIDE OVAL BEVEL 7.09"
  • I lager:2376
10525 Image
  • Del#:10525
  • tillverkare:Aven Tools
  • Beskrivning:CUTTER SIDE TAPERED FLUSH 4.65"
  • I lager:4198
D243-8 Image
11960 Image
  • Del#:11960
  • tillverkare:Wiha
  • Beskrivning:CUTTER CABLE CIRC CROSS 10"
  • I lager:132
  • Del#:503E
  • tillverkare:Apex Tool Group
  • Beskrivning:CUTTER TIP ANGL 30DEG FL FLSH 5"
  • I lager:634
ES-1964ERG Image
10323TC Image
  • Del#:10323TC
  • tillverkare:Aven Tools
  • Beskrivning:CUTTER OVAL FLUSH 4.75"
  • I lager:936
  • Del#:7521
  • tillverkare:Aven Tools
  • Beskrivning:CUTTER SIDE OVAL SEMI FLUSH 5.5"
  • I lager:3217
  • Del#:7049
  • tillverkare:Aven Tools
  • I lager:3883
32704 Image
  • Del#:32704
  • tillverkare:Wiha
  • Beskrivning:CUTTER SIDE TAPERED FLUSH 4.53"
  • I lager:783
24000 Image
2100-8 Image
1206243 Image
M409EC Image
10521EC Image
  • Del#:10521EC
  • tillverkare:Aven Tools
  • Beskrivning:CUTTER SIDE TAPERED FLUSH 5.03"
  • I lager:7148
822N Image
  • Del#:822N
  • tillverkare:Apex Tool Group
  • Beskrivning:CUTTER SIDE OVAL FL FLUSH 4.75"
  • I lager:851
1212488 Image
1503E Image
10827TCF Image

Skärverktyg821 Produkter Found