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cristale25059 Produse găsite


CTS-Frequency Controls

Descriere:CRYSTAL 44.000 MHZ 12PF SMT
Tusonix a Subsidiary of CTS Electronic Components
Tusonix a Subsidiary of CTS Electronic Components- CTS Electronic Components is a division of CTS Corporation. The division has five product lines: Electrocomponents, Filters, Frequency Control, Resistors, and Thermal Management Solutions. The company manufactures an extensive array of frequency-control devices, ceramic RF filters and duplexers, EMI/RFI filters, capacitors, DIP and rotary switches, rotary and linear potentiometers, encoders, resistor and resistor/capacitor networks, and heat management components. With manufacturing locations in Albuquerque, New Mexico; Hopkinton, Massachusetts; Nogales, Mexico; Singapore; Zhongshan and Tianjin, China; and Kaohsiung, Taiwan; CTS is able to serve major markets such as medical, defense and aerospace, industrial controls, power management, HVAC, security, lighting, audio, communications, computer, and electronic networking.
416F44033ALR Image
CS20-12.000MABJ-UT Image
ABLS3-10.000MHZ-D4Y-T Image
CX2520DB20000H0FLJC1 Image
416F26012ADR Image
416F36023ATT Image
445W33J25M00000 Image
416F271XXCSR Image
416F48023AKR Image
445A31J16M00000 Image
407F35D008M0000 Image
416F37035CAR Image
445C25J25M00000 Image
416F40012CLR Image
445A2XK24M57600 Image
ECS-64.983-CDX-0067-TR Image
AS-13.560MAHE-B Image
416F44023IAR Image
7B-29.4912MBBK-T Image
416F32033ATT Image
ECS-282.594-CD-0385TR Image
AV-16.000MDHQ-T Image
MA-505 8.0000M-C0: PURE SN Image
416F270XXAKR Image
416F27011CKR Image
XRCPB48M000F0L00R0 Image
445W35F13M00000 Image
416F270X3IST Image
C-2 65.5350K-P Image
416F40635ITR Image
416F374X3ALT Image
ECS-122.8-20-20A-TR Image
ABLS-27.000MHZ-B2F-T Image
MP037A-E Image
XZIEELNANF-16.000000 Image
416F38435CDR Image
416F3001XCTR Image
FA-238 16.0000MB-B0 Image
416F26035CSR Image
416F370X3IKT Image
416F24035IKR Image
416F240X2CDT Image
CX532Z-A2B3C5-70-1966080D18 Image
ABLS-22.1184MHZ-L4Q-T Image
AT-4.9152MDGE-T Image

cristale25059 Produse găsite