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Transformadores de impulsos2043 Produtos Encontrados


Murata Power Solutions Inc.

Murata Power Solutions Inc.
Murata Power Solutions Inc.- Murata Power Solutions designs and manufactures DC/DC Converters, AC/DC Power Supplies, Magnetics, Data Acquisition devices and Digital Panel Meters, and offers these products in custom, standard and modified-standard variations. Currently the world's number 1 supplier of DC/DC converters and one of the top 5 largest suppliers of power electronics overall, our products are used within numerous applications including telecommunications, computing, industrial, medical, office-equipment and more.
Murata Power Solutions was formed in 2007 when Murata Manufacturing Corporation acquired the power electronics division of C&D Technologies. We are headquartered in Mansfield, Massachusetts (USA) with over 1,300 employees in locations in the USA, Canada, Mexico, England, France, Germany, Japan, China and Singapore.
DA102C Image
PA1283NLT Image
76250ENC Image
749014018 Image
ALAN-101-T Image
SM13072APEL Image
B78476A8065A3 Image
PA3855.004NL Image
B8859NL Image
H1190FNL Image
BX4290LNL Image
HX5020NL Image
ESMIT-4164 Image
H7018FNL Image
T1212NL Image
78604/4C Image
TLA-6T406-T Image
PFX0890NL Image
78602/16C Image
760301303 Image
S22100 Image
B8846NL Image
T3001NL Image
P5009NL Image
H7008NL Image
760301301 Image
PA3856.003NL Image
T1142NLT Image
76601/1C Image
HX5400NL Image
HX2019NLT Image
H1126NL Image
PE-65351NL Image
PE-65861NL Image
HX1260NL Image
HX1294FNL Image
IT255 Image
H1270FNLT Image
IT234 Image
T1108NL Image
H2260FNL Image
B78476A8135A3 Image
760301305 Image
S558-5999-AC-F Image
H1164NLT Image
G506 Image
  • Parte#:G506
  • Fabricantes:Tamura
  • Descrição:TRANSFORMER 2.0MH 2:1:1 PULSE
  • Em estoque:5117
PE-68386NLT Image
HX1259NL Image
H6080FNL Image
PA1260NLT Image

Transformadores de impulsos2043 Produtos Encontrados