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Memory36536 Products Found


Everspin Technologies Inc.

Description:IC MRAM 1MBIT 35NS 44TSOP
Everspin Technologies Inc.
Everspin Technologies Inc.- EverSpin Technologies is the leading developer and manufacturer of magnetic RAM (MRAM), offering stand-alone and embedded MRAM products. Everspin’s MRAM is the industry’s fastest non-volatile memory and provides unlimited endurance, unmatched reliability, 10-year-plus data retention and parallel and serial interfaces. As the world’s first volume MRAM supplier, Everspin has established an MRAM intellectual property portfolio of more than 600 active patents and applications, many of which are fundamental and essential for MRAM technologies.
MR0A16AYS35 Image
CY14B104NA-ZSP45XI Image
SST49LF008A-33-4C-NHE Image
IS42S16100H-7TLI Image
CY62167EV18LL-55BVXI Image
CYD18S18V18-200BBAXC Image
S25FL256SDPBHVC10 Image
24FC515-I/P Image
FM28V020-TG Image
S26KS256SDABHB030 Image
70V25L25PFI Image
CY62147G-45ZSXI Image
CY7C1318KV18-300BZXC Image
CY7C1381KV33-133AXI Image
25C040-I/SN Image
CY7C1170KV18-400BZC Image
93LC56/SN Image
CY14B256Q1A-SXI Image
CY14B512J2-SXI Image
AS4C16M16SA-6BIN Image
IS43DR16160B-37CBL Image
CY7C1418KV18-300BZXC Image
34AA04-I/SN Image
CY14B101LA-BA45XI Image
CY14B101NA-ZS45XI Image
24LC16BH-I/P Image
R1LP5256ESA-5SI#B0 Image
AS4C256M16D3B-12BCN Image
CY7C12631KV18-400BZI Image
24AA025E64-I/SN Image
CY14B064I-SFXI Image
IS43LR32640A-6BLI Image
AT93C66B-XHM-B Image
BR24G256FVT-3GE2 Image
S29GL512P11TFI020 Image
CY7C109D-10VXI Image
S29GL512T10DHI010 Image
S29GL064N11TFIV20 Image
S29GL01GT11TFV010 Image
71024S15YG8 Image
AT28BV256-20SU Image
MR0D08BMA45 Image
71024S15YG Image
AS4C256M16D3A-12BAN Image
SST39VF3202-70-4I-B3KE Image
S29GL064N90TFI010 Image
CY7C25652KV18-500BZI Image
CY7C1614KV18-333BZC Image
AS4C64M16D3L-12BCN Image
CY7C1460BV25-250BZXC Image

Memory36536 Products Found