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Audio Special Purpose972 Products Found


Rohm Semiconductor

Rohm Semiconductor
Rohm Semiconductor- ROHM was established in Kyoto, Japan, in 1958. ROHM designs and manufactures semiconductors, integrated circuits and other electronic components. These components find a home in the dynamic and ever-growing wireless, computer, automotive and consumer electronics markets. Some of the most innovative equipment and devices use ROHM products.
ROHM's presence in the North American market continues to expand with a logistic headquarters in San Diego, California, a design center in San Jose, California, a QA Center in Novi, Michigan, a sales office in Guadalajara, Mexico and a sales network that covers marketing, sales, and engineering support for the North and South American clients from Canada to Brazil. In addition to a direct sales force, ROHM enjoys the collaboration of several sales-representative organizations and industry leading electronics distributors.
For more than forty years, ROHM has stayed focused on the fundamental philosophy of customization. The company has worked closely with equipment manufacturers to develop next generation equipment and use the technology acquired through these efforts to propose system solutions to its customers and continually provide them with high added values.
The majority of ROHM's manufacturing equipment has been developed in-house. This has given ROHM the ability to respond immediately to changing market needs. The extent of ROHM products is a result of innovations and the capability to adjust to market demands. Automotive, telecommunication, computer, and consumer OEMs are among the leading end users of ROHM products.
BD3871FS-E2 Image
STA339BWTR Image
PGA4311UAG4 Image
  • Part#:PGA4311UAG4
  • Manufacturers:N/A
  • Description:IC AUDIO VOLUME CTRL 4CH 28-SOIC
  • In Stock:3670
DIT4096IPW Image
  • Part#:DIT4096IPW
  • Manufacturers:N/A
  • In Stock:11058
DIR9001PWR Image
  • Part#:DIR9001PWR
  • Manufacturers:N/A
  • Description:IC DGTL AUDIO IR RCVR 28-TSSOP
  • In Stock:36336
TS4657IQT Image
BD3485FS-E2 Image
BD3452KS Image
STA30613TR Image
DIX4192IPFBRG4 Image
  • Part#:DIX4192IPFBRG4
  • Manufacturers:N/A
  • In Stock:13247
DF1704E/2K Image
  • Part#:DF1704E/2K
  • Manufacturers:N/A
  • Description:IC DIGITAL FILTER 28-SSOP
  • In Stock:3681
LM1971M/NOPB Image
  • Part#:LM1971M/NOPB
  • Manufacturers:N/A
  • In Stock:25456
SA572NG Image
LC89091JA-H Image
TDA7442D013TR Image
LC89075W-H Image
STA311BTR Image
R3910-CFAB-E1T Image
TAS3103ADBTRG4 Image
  • Part#:TAS3103ADBTRG4
  • Manufacturers:N/A
  • Description:IC DGTL AUDIO PROC 38-TSSOP
  • In Stock:4186
STA321MPL1TR Image
TDA7303TR Image
TDA7719 Image
TAS5086DBT Image
  • Part#:TAS5086DBT
  • Manufacturers:N/A
  • Description:IC DGTL AUDIO PWM 6CH 38-TSSOP
  • In Stock:10574
E-TDA7416 Image
BD37523FS-E2 Image
BA3823LS Image
TDA7407 Image
TDA7716N Image
MAX9892ELT+T Image
TDA7432D Image
MAX4298EUB+ Image
BD3812F-E2 Image
TAS3108DCP Image
  • Part#:TAS3108DCP
  • Manufacturers:N/A
  • Description:IC AUDIO DSP 8-CH 38-TSSOP
  • In Stock:4061
SA575N Image
TPA5051RSAR Image
  • Part#:TPA5051RSAR
  • Manufacturers:N/A
  • Description:IC DGTL AUDIO DELAY 4CH 16-VQFN
  • In Stock:7916
MAX9890BEBL+T Image
DF1706E Image
  • Part#:DF1706E
  • Manufacturers:N/A
  • Description:IC DIG FILTER FOR PCM1704 28SSOP
  • In Stock:4
PGA4311U Image
  • Part#:PGA4311U
  • Manufacturers:N/A
  • Description:IC VOLUME CTRL AUD 4-CH 28-SOIC
  • In Stock:3279
TDA7406 Image
TDA7404D Image
TAS5036APFCG4 Image
  • Part#:TAS5036APFCG4
  • Manufacturers:N/A
  • Description:IC PWM PROC DGTL AUD 6CH 80-TQFP
  • In Stock:3656
TAS5066PAGR Image
  • Part#:TAS5066PAGR
  • Manufacturers:N/A
  • Description:IC AUDIO PWM PROC 64TQFP
  • In Stock:4274
BD37515FS-E2 Image
SA571DG Image
TEA6324T/V1,518 Image
TAS5036BPFCR Image
  • Part#:TAS5036BPFCR
  • Manufacturers:N/A
  • Description:IC PWM PROC DGTL AUD 6CH 80-TQFP
  • In Stock:4786
PCM9211PT Image
  • Part#:PCM9211PT
  • Manufacturers:N/A
  • Description:IC TXRX DGTL AUDIO 216KHZ 48LQFP
  • In Stock:7073

Audio Special Purpose972 Products Found