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Transistors - FETs, MOSFETs - RF2758 Products Found



IXYS- IXYS Corporation offers a broad line of High Power Semiconductors, including low on-resistance Power MOSFETs, ultra fast switching IGBTs, Fast Recovery Diodes (FREDs), SCR and Diode Modules, Rectifier Bridges, and Power Interface ICs.
275-101N30A-00 Image
  • Part#:275-101N30A-00
  • Manufacturers:IXYS
  • Description:RF MOSFET N-CHANNEL DE275
  • In Stock:1049
BLF1046,112 Image
BLF188XRSU Image
MRF18090AR3 Image
BF556A,215 Image
BLF2425M7LS140,118 Image
ON5262,127 Image
MRF5S9101MR1 Image
PTFA191001EV4R250XTMA1 Image
BLC8G24LS-240AVY Image
2N5484 Image
MRF6VP3450HSR5 Image
BLM8G0710S-15PBGY Image
BF 5030 E6327 Image
BLF6G27-10G,118 Image
BLC9G20LS-240PVZ Image
MRF8VP13350NR3 Image
BLF884P,112 Image
CGHV40100P Image
BLF8G09LS-270WJ Image
MRF6V2150NBR1 Image
BLF6G20LS-110,118 Image
VRF148A Image
CGH60060D Image
BLF8G22LS-205VU Image
BLF8G10LS-270GV,12 Image
LET9120 Image
BLF6G27-135,112 Image
2N5485_D74Z Image
BLF184XRGJ Image
MRF7S19100NBR1 Image
ARF466BG Image
LET9070CB Image
BLF8G22LS-270GV,12 Image
MRF6S27050HR3 Image
PD57070S Image
PD55003TR-E Image
PTFA082201EV4XWSA1 Image
MRF8P20160HR3 Image
CGHV35060MP Image
MRF6S9130HR5 Image
ATF-541M4-TR2 Image

Transistors - FETs, MOSFETs - RF2758 Products Found