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Transistors - Bipolar (BJT) - RF1301 Products Found



CEL- CEL is a stable provider of RF & Optoelectronic Components and RF Modules. As the exclusive Sales and Marketing partner in the Americas for Compound Semiconductor Devices from Renesas Electronics Corporation, formerly NEC Electronics Corporation, CEL offers RF Transistors, RF ICs, RF Switch ICs, Optocouplers, Solid State Relays, Fiberoptic devices (Lasers and Detectors) and Blue-Violet Laser Diodes.
Additionally, CEL designs and manufactures the MeshWorks™ and MeshConnect™ line of IEEE 802.15.4 and ZigBee professional grade wireless solutions and is a member of the ZigBee and Thread Alliances. CEL is ideally positioned to provide its customers with hardware and software products tailored to meet their specific needs that greatly simplify design and reduce time to market.
2SC5753-T2-A Image
  • Part#:2SC5753-T2-A
  • Manufacturers:CEL
  • Description:RF TRANSISTOR NPN SOT-343F
  • In Stock:4092
15GN03MA-TL-E Image
BFU520VL Image
  • Part#:BFU520VL
  • Manufacturers:NXP USA Inc.
  • Description:TRANS RF NPN 12V 30MA SOT-143B
  • In Stock:549047
BFP640FE6327 Image
UPA814T-A Image
  • Part#:UPA814T-A
  • Manufacturers:CEL
  • Description:TRANSISTOR NPN 9GHZ SOT-363
  • In Stock:3373
BFP 182 E7764 Image
START405TR Image
UPA810T-T1-A Image
  • Part#:UPA810T-T1-A
  • Manufacturers:CEL
  • In Stock:102266
KSC2786YTA Image
BFU580QX Image
  • Part#:BFU580QX
  • Manufacturers:NXP USA Inc.
  • Description:TRANS RF NPN 12V 60MA SOT89-3
  • In Stock:204371
2SC5509-T2-A Image
  • Part#:2SC5509-T2-A
  • Manufacturers:CEL
  • Description:RF TRANSISTOR NPN SOT-343F
  • In Stock:106811
2SC5508-T2-A Image
  • Part#:2SC5508-T2-A
  • Manufacturers:CEL
  • Description:RF TRANSISTOR NPN SOT-343F
  • In Stock:4482
KSC2757RMTF Image
BFS17HTA Image
BFR92WH6327XTSA1 Image
BFP740FESDH6327XTSA1 Image
NE85633-T1B-A Image
  • Part#:NE85633-T1B-A
  • Manufacturers:CEL
  • Description:RF TRANSISTOR NPN SOT-23
  • In Stock:153548
HFA3128BZ96 Image
  • Part#:HFA3128BZ96
  • Manufacturers:Intersil
  • In Stock:3255
2SC3932GTL Image
2SC5750-T1-A Image
  • Part#:2SC5750-T1-A
  • Manufacturers:CEL
  • Description:RF TRANSISTOR NPN SOT-343
  • In Stock:85618
MCH4015-TL-H Image
BFU790F,115 Image
MRF5812R1 Image
BF959ZL1 Image
HN3C10FUTE85LF Image
MMBT5770 Image
BFG 19S E6327 Image
BFR 93A E6327 Image
AT-32063-BLKG Image
2SC5227A-5-TB-E Image
2SC3357-A Image
  • Part#:2SC3357-A
  • Manufacturers:CEL
  • Description:RF TRANSISTOR NPN SOT-89
  • In Stock:58459
2SC5065-O(TE85L,F) Image
MSC3930-BT1 Image
NE696M01-T1-A Image
  • Part#:NE696M01-T1-A
  • Manufacturers:CEL
  • Description:TRANSISTOR NPN 2GHZ SOT-363
  • In Stock:1
MMBTH24-7 Image
SD1444 Image
BFG520,215 Image
BLT70,115 Image
HFA3135IHZ96 Image
  • Part#:HFA3135IHZ96
  • Manufacturers:Intersil
  • Description:IC TRANS ARRAY PNP MATCH SOT23-6
  • In Stock:21027
2SC5754-T2-A Image
  • Part#:2SC5754-T2-A
  • Manufacturers:CEL
  • Description:RF TRANSISTOR NPN SOT-343F
  • In Stock:70395
BFM520,115 Image
NE68039-A Image
  • Part#:NE68039-A
  • Manufacturers:CEL
  • Description:RF TRANSISTOR NPN SOT-143
  • In Stock:38918
  • Part#:NE685M33-T3-A
  • Manufacturers:CEL
  • Description:TRANSISTOR NPN 2GHZ M33
  • In Stock:4300
BFG540W/X,115 Image
BFS17,215 Image
2SC3931GCL Image

Transistors - Bipolar (BJT) - RF1301 Products Found