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Thyristors - SCRs3096 Products Found


Powerex Inc.

Description:SCR FAST SW 460A 1600V TO-200AB
Powerex Inc.
Powerex Inc.- Powerex turns ideas into cost-effective products and is a leading supplier of discrete, modular and integrated high power semiconductor solutions, supporting many markets, including: AC and DC Motor Controls, Aircraft, Alternative Energy (WIND, Photovoltaic), Communications, Electrical, Industrial Heating, Medical Power Supplies, Transportation, UPS, Vehicles, and Welding.
EC103D3 Image
25TTS08 Image
TN1215-600G-TR Image
S6X8BSRP Image
MCR706AT4G Image
  • Part#:C391PN
  • Manufacturers:Powerex Inc.
  • Description:THYRISTOR DSC 1800V 490A TO200AC
  • In Stock:469
  • Part#:C358M
  • Manufacturers:Powerex Inc.
  • Description:THYRISTOR SCR 140A 600V TO-200AB
  • In Stock:919
S4010LS2 Image
S2006FS31 Image
MCR12DCMT4 Image
VS-ST1200C16K1L Image
VS-ST700C20L0L Image
S4006LS2TP Image
  • Part#:C390PC
  • Manufacturers:Powerex Inc.
  • Description:THYRISTOR DSC 1300V 450A TO200AC
  • In Stock:541
CS30-16IO1 Image
  • Part#:CS30-16IO1
  • Manufacturers:IXYS
  • Description:THYRISTOR PHASE 1600V TO-247AD
  • In Stock:7944
40TPS08 Image
S6N1RP Image
VS-ST333C04LFM0 Image
MCR708AT4G Image
VS-12TTS08STRR-M3 Image
  • Part#:C154D
  • Manufacturers:Powerex Inc.
  • Description:THYRISTOR SCR 110A 400V TO-94
  • In Stock:941
  • Part#:2N4366
  • Manufacturers:Powerex Inc.
  • Description:THYRISTOR STUD 1000V 70A TO-94
  • In Stock:907
  • Part#:C52E
  • Manufacturers:Powerex Inc.
  • Description:THYRISTOR STUD 70A 500V TO-83
  • In Stock:1004
VS-40TTS12PBF Image
VS-25RIA120S90 Image
  • Part#:C46S
  • Manufacturers:Powerex Inc.
  • Description:THYRISTOR STUD 50A 700V TO-94
  • In Stock:896
X00619MN5AL2 Image

Thyristors - SCRs3096 Products Found