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Power Driver Modules637 Products Found


Powerex Inc.

Description:MOD IPM L-SER 7PAC 1200V 50A
Powerex Inc.
Powerex Inc.- Powerex turns ideas into cost-effective products and is a leading supplier of discrete, modular and integrated high power semiconductor solutions, supporting many markets, including: AC and DC Motor Controls, Aircraft, Alternative Energy (WIND, Photovoltaic), Communications, Electrical, Industrial Heating, Medical Power Supplies, Transportation, UPS, Vehicles, and Welding.
FSB50250AS Image
IRAMX16UP60A Image
  • Part#:PS12036
  • Manufacturers:Powerex Inc.
  • Description:MOD IPM 3PHASE IGBT 1200V 15A
  • In Stock:3249
FSBB20CH60C Image
STGIPS10K60A Image
  • Part#:PS11014
  • Manufacturers:Powerex Inc.
  • Description:MOD IPM 3PHASE IGBT 600V 15A
  • In Stock:4175
FSB50450UD Image
IRAMS10UP60A-2 Image
IRAMS12UP60A Image
FBA42060 Image
PSM05S93E5-A Image
  • Part#:PS11032
  • Manufacturers:Powerex Inc.
  • Description:MOD IPM 3PHASE IGBT 600V 4A
  • In Stock:3269
BM63364S-VA Image
FSB50250S Image
FSB50825US Image
FSB70250 Image
FSBB20CH60BT Image
  • Part#:PS51789
  • Manufacturers:Powerex Inc.
  • Description:MOD DIP PFC 30A 600V MINI-DIP
  • In Stock:1008
FNB41060 Image
FSB50825AB Image
FPDB20PH60 Image
PS219B2-AS Image
FSBF10CH60B Image
FNB41060B2 Image

Power Driver Modules637 Products Found