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Diodes - Rectifiers - Arrays9820 Products Found


Infineon Technologies

Description:DIODE 650V 30A RAPID1 TO247-3
Infineon Technologies
Infineon TechnologiesOn April 1st, 1999, Siemens Semiconductors became Infineon Technologies. A dynamic more flexible company geared towards success in the competitive, ever-changing world of microelectronics.
Infineon is a leading global designer, manufacturer and supplier of a broad range of semiconductors used in various microelectronic applications. Infineon's product portfolio consists of logic products, including digital, mixed-signal, and analog integrated circuits, as well as discrete semiconductor products.
IDW30C65D1XKSA1 Image
VS-47CTQ020-N3 Image
SBR30A50CT Image
SBR20A100CTE Image
NTSB30120CTG Image
V60M120CHM3/4W Image
APT2X100D20J Image
SBR20A60CTFP Image
MUR3060WTG Image
MBR10200CT-LJ Image
SCS240AE2HRC Image
MF300K04F3-BP Image
LFUSCD30120B Image
ST20100C Image
SBR1060CT Image
GSXD120A020S1-D3 Image
MBR40150CT Image
VS-MBR2535CT-N3 Image
IDW20C65D2XKSA1 Image
STPSC20H065CW Image
SBR40U300CTB Image
STPS20150CFP Image
FERD60U45CT Image
DSS2X160-01A Image
  • Part#:DSS2X160-01A
  • Manufacturers:IXYS
  • Description:DIODE MODULE 100V 160A SOT227B
  • In Stock:1605
MBR20100CT-M3/4W Image
MBRT30035 Image
APT60D60LCTG Image
STPS2060CT Image
MBR120150WT Image
VS-60CPU06-N3 Image
MA3D649 Image
MBR30150WT Image
STPS30M60CT Image
MDD255-12N1 Image
  • Part#:MDD255-12N1
  • Manufacturers:IXYS
  • Description:DIODE MODULE 1.2KV 270A Y1-CU
  • In Stock:472
MDD26-16N1B Image
  • Part#:MDD26-16N1B
  • Manufacturers:IXYS
  • Description:DIODE MODULE 1.6KV 36A TO240AA
  • In Stock:2107
SCS110KE2C Image
SBR20100CTFP Image
RB095T-90 Image
IDW15G120C5BFKSA1 Image
MD16200S-BM2MM Image
RFN30TS6DGC11 Image
VFT6045CBP-M3/4W Image
SDUR2020WT Image
GSXD100A010S1-D3 Image
MBRF10150CT-LJ Image
IDW80C65D2XKSA1 Image
STPSC12H065CT Image
VS-80CPU02-N3 Image
GSXD080A008S1-D3 Image
2952790 Image

Diodes - Rectifiers - Arrays9820 Products Found