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Circular Connectors320120 Products Found


Switchcraft Inc.

Switchcraft Inc.
Switchcraft Inc.- SWITCHCRAFT®, founded in 1946, is headquartered in Chicago, IL USA and still manufactures product in Chicago today. In 1999, SWITCHCRAFT® acquired Conxall®, located in Villa Park, IL, a leading manufacturer of harsh environment connectors and custom cable assemblies, adding to the already extensive line of SWITCHCRAFT® connector products.
SWITCHCRAFT®, Inc. is a leading US based manufacturer of connectors, jacks, plugs, switches, molded cable assemblies and patchbays. SWITCHCRAFT® products are used in a variety of applications from broadcast and pro audio to medical, lighting, security, transportation and other industrial applications. Experience and attention to detail make Switchcraft a leader in Harsh Environment Connectivity Solutions. Conxall manufactures a wide range of circular sealed plastic connectors and molded cable assemblies. In addition to their line of standard product they also specialize in custom cable assemblies and connector options. Conxall products are used in a wide variety of applications, especially those requiring protection from harsh environmental conditions. Experience and attention to detail make Conxall a leader in Harsh Environment Connectivity Solutions.
EN2P4F22P Image
T 3477 000 Image
PXP7010/02S/ST/0709 Image
60HA4FX Image
HR34B-12WLPA-10S(71) Image
HR25A-9R-12S Image
1412006 Image
1411979 Image
PXP7010/02S/ST/0507 Image
16982-7SG-522 Image
HR10A-10WTR-12S(73) Image
XLR532 Image
750315-1 Image
TA6MLX Image
D38999/26WD19SN Image
PT02A-12-10P Image
1501540 Image
AL00FD13-35P(IP) Image
7380-3PG-300 Image
1411978 Image
3-2172092-2 Image
PT02E-12-8P Image
HR30-7J-12P(71) Image
EN3L6FX Image
C091 31C008 100 2 Image
AL07FD15-ACP(IP) Image
C016 30G006 200 12 Image
UTS710E6S Image
UTS012E4S Image
JR25WR-24P(71) Image
PXP7010/06P/ST/1315 Image
RPC2-12RB-7P(71) Image
A-CR-03BFFA-L180-WP Image
M-XL-5-14 Image
C091 31H006 100 2 Image
SRCN6A13-3S Image
97-3102A-14S-2P Image
17982-5SG-300 Image
4282-4SG-300 Image
M-XL-6-14 Image
HR212-10R-8SD(73) Image
861-008-213R004 Image
PT06A-12-14P(SR) Image
1694240 Image
1412009 Image
HR10A-7R-6SB(74) Image
HR212-10R-5SDL(71) Image
1412243 Image
8282-3SG-3DC Image
EN3L6MX Image

Circular Connectors320120 Products Found