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Film Capacitors57615 Products Found


Vishay BC Components

Description:CAP FILM 2UF 5% 1KVDC SCREW
Vishay BC Components
Vishay BC Components- Vishay’s product portfolio is an unmatched collection of discrete semiconductors (diodes, MOSFETs, and optoelectronics) and passive components (resistors, inductors, and capacitors). These components are used in virtually all types of electronic devices and equipment in the industrial, computing, automotive, consumer, telecommunications, military, aerospace, and medical markets. Vishay is proud to be a major partner with Digi-Key.
MKP386M520100JT4 Image
B32674D4605K Image
B32778G4756K Image
MKP386M456160JT4 Image
R75PW44704030J Image
  • Part#:R75PW44704030J
  • Manufacturers:KEMET
  • Description:CAP FILM 4.7UF 5% 630VDC RADIAL
  • In Stock:13539
B32676G4156K Image
C4CAWUC3100AA0J Image
  • Part#:C4CAWUC3100AA0J
  • Manufacturers:KEMET
  • Description:CAP FILM 0.1UF 5% 2KVDC AXIAL
  • In Stock:12232
C4AEOBU4150A1WJ Image
  • Part#:C4AEOBU4150A1WJ
  • Manufacturers:KEMET
  • Description:CAP FILM 1.5UF 5% 900VDC RADIAL
  • In Stock:13588
947C601K801CCMS Image
B32774D0705K Image
C4AEGBW6100A3NJ Image
  • Part#:C4AEGBW6100A3NJ
  • Manufacturers:KEMET
  • Description:CAP FILM 100UF 5% 450VDC RAD 4LD
  • In Stock:2647
C44EFGR6400ZA0J Image
C4AEGBW6100H3NJ Image
  • Part#:C4AEGBW6100H3NJ
  • Manufacturers:KEMET
  • Description:CAP FILM 100UF 5% 450VDC RADIAL
  • In Stock:2025
FFVE6U0107K7X Image
MKP386M533100JT1 Image
C4ATFBW5100A3FJ Image
  • Part#:C4ATFBW5100A3FJ
  • Manufacturers:KEMET
  • Description:CAP FILM 10UF 5% 400VDC RADIAL
  • In Stock:6471
FFB34D0686K-- Image
935C4W3K-F Image
C274ACF4600WA0J Image
B32656T474K Image
890324026034CS Image
C878AF24600AA1J Image
  • Part#:C878AF24600AA1J
  • Manufacturers:KEMET
  • Description:CAP FILM 6UF 5% 470 VAC MOTOR RU
  • In Stock:10775
B32776G1805K Image
334PPB102K Image
C4AEOBW5120A3FJ Image
  • Part#:C4AEOBW5120A3FJ
  • Manufacturers:KEMET
  • Description:CAP FILM 12UF 5% 900VDC RADIAL
  • In Stock:5734
C878BF34400SA0J Image
B32524Q1336K Image
940C12P47K-F Image
  • Part#:C4BTJBX4500ZAJJ
  • Manufacturers:KEMET
  • Description:CAP FILM 5UF 5% 700VDC QC TERM
  • In Stock:3945
R76TR34704030J Image
  • Part#:R76TR34704030J
  • Manufacturers:KEMET
  • Description:CAP FILM 0.47UF 5% 1.6KVDC RAD
  • In Stock:11922
B32676E4106K Image
  • Part#:C4BSPBX4150ZALJ
  • Manufacturers:KEMET
  • Description:CAP FILM 1.5UF 1.2KVDC QC TERM
  • In Stock:4244
C274AC35200AA0J Image
  • Part#:C274AC35200AA0J
  • Manufacturers:KEMET
  • Description:CAP FILM 20UF 5% 470VAC QC TERM
  • In Stock:10337
B32796G2226K Image
C276CC35400AA0J Image
  • Part#:C276CC35400AA0J
  • Manufacturers:KEMET
  • Description:CAP FILM 40UF 5% 470VAC RADIAL
  • In Stock:7009
PHE450KF7220JR06L2 Image
BFC233860224 Image
MKP1848S62050JY2B Image
FFB54H0276K-- Image
B32024B3684K Image
100MU104MB23225 Image
B32674D4685K Image
B32526T826K Image
R75QR41504000J Image
  • Part#:R75QR41504000J
  • Manufacturers:KEMET
  • Description:CAP FILM 1.5UF 5% 1KVDC RADIAL
  • In Stock:12958
156MWR100K Image
MKT1820722065 Image
MKP386M510160JT4 Image
940C30S68K-F Image
B32678G1206K Image

Film Capacitors57615 Products Found