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Aluminum - Polymer Capacitors4350 Products Found


Cornell Dubilier Electronics (CDE)

Description:CAP ALUM POLY 120UF 20% 4V SMD
Cornell Dubilier Electronics (CDE)
Cornell Dubilier Electronics (CDE)- Cornell Dubilier is the source for capacitors that transform your applications to success stories. It excels with aluminum electrolytic, mica, motor run and AC and DC plastic film capacitors. Cornell Dubilier only makes capacitors and has been doing it for almost 100 years. The world leaders in welders, UPS systems, motors, drives, avionics, power and military electronics and medical lasers are prominently among its more than 33,000 customers.
ESRD121M04R Image
PLV1C221MCL1 Image
  • Part#:PLV1C221MCL1
  • Manufacturers:Nichicon
  • Description:CAP ALUM POLY 220UF 20% 16V T/H
  • In Stock:23529
RE50E561MDN1 Image
  • Part#:RE50E561MDN1
  • Manufacturers:Nichicon
  • Description:CAP ALUM POLY 560UF 20% 2.5V T/H
  • In Stock:95451
4SVPC1200M Image
RR71A681MDN1 Image
  • Part#:RR71A681MDN1
  • Manufacturers:Nichicon
  • Description:CAP ALUM POLY 680UF 20% 10V T/H
  • In Stock:76109
RNS1A471MDN1 Image
  • Part#:RNS1A471MDN1
  • Manufacturers:Nichicon
  • Description:CAP ALUM POLY 470UF 20% 10V T/H
  • In Stock:168509
35SEPF39M+TSS Image
EEF-CD0D151ER Image
EEF-CD0G820XE Image
RNS1A680MDS1PX Image
PLF0G391MDL4 Image
  • Part#:PLF0G391MDL4
  • Manufacturers:Nichicon
  • Description:CAP ALUM POLY 390UF 20% 4V T/H
  • In Stock:145173
A700V106M016ATE045 Image
MAL218097509E3 Image
SPA221M04B Image
687UVG2R5MFBJ Image
APSG250ELL181MH08S Image
2SEPC390M Image
475AVG160MFBJ Image
RNS0J681MDN1PH Image
PCR1J680MCL1GS Image
ESRD121M06XR Image
SPA101M04R Image
227AVG025MFBJ Image
  • Part#:63PZA10M8X8
  • Manufacturers:Rubycon
  • Description:CAP ALUM POLY 10UF 20% 63V T/H
  • In Stock:55448
MAL218197003E3 Image
4SXB100M Image
  • Part#:4SXB100M
  • Manufacturers:Rubycon
  • Description:CAP ALUM POLY 100UF 20% 4V SMD
  • In Stock:31743
RR70E152MDN1PH Image
PLV1C471MDL1 Image
  • Part#:PLV1C471MDL1
  • Manufacturers:Nichicon
  • Description:CAP ALUM POLY 470UF 20% 16V T/H
  • In Stock:17604
APXH100ARA121MH70G Image
PCJ0G182MCL1GS Image
ESRD150M08R Image
PCV1V101MCL1GS Image
PCV1D151MCL1GS Image
PCF0G331MCL1GS Image
  • Part#:6SW220MX
  • Manufacturers:Rubycon
  • Description:CAP ALUM POLY 220UF 20% 6.3V SMD
  • In Stock:54953
APSG250ELL181MHB5S Image
SPA820M04R Image
APSG160ELL151MF05S Image
ESRD4R7M16B Image
277ULR016MFF Image
EEF-UE0E221XR Image
EEF-CX1C330R Image
EEF-HX1E150R Image
227ALG025MFBJ Image
ESRD220M06B Image
A759KS396M1HAAE042 Image
APSG200ELL121MF05S Image

Aluminum - Polymer Capacitors4350 Products Found