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Aluminum - Polymer Capacitors4350 Products Found



Description:CAP ALUM POLY 1500UF 6.3V SMD
Nichicon- For over 60 years, Nichicon has strived to be a “valuable supplier for our customers” by balancing advanced technology, strict quality control measures, and superior service. We are continuously researching and implementing innovative technologies to directly benefit our customers while offering the widest selection of aluminum electrolytic capacitors in the industry. We also offer the broadest array of conductive polymer capacitors worldwide.
In the competitive marketplace of electronics, Nichicon’s “zero-defect” philosophy ensures our components can endure diverse applications. We pride ourselves in the variety of capacitors offered including surface mount, snap-in, through-hole, and screw terminal. Additionally, our company upholds the strictest environmental standards including manufacturing only RoHS and REACH compliant components.
PCJ0J152MCL1GS Image
16SVPS39M Image
A765EB157M1ALAE022 Image
PCX1E560MCS1GS Image
PCG1A101MCL1GS Image
RNU0J102MDN1 Image
  • Part#:RNU0J102MDN1
  • Manufacturers:Nichicon
  • Description:CAP ALUM POLY 1000UF 6.3V T/H
  • In Stock:95551
PCX1H220MCL1GS Image
RNS1A680MDS1 Image
  • Part#:RNS1A680MDS1
  • Manufacturers:Nichicon
  • Description:CAP ALUM POLY 68UF 20% 10V T/H
  • In Stock:109848
PLG0E392MDO1 Image
  • Part#:PLG0E392MDO1
  • Manufacturers:Nichicon
  • Description:CAP ALUM POLY 3900UF 2.5V T/H
  • In Stock:30836
EEH-ZA1V271V Image
875075361005 Image
875105144008 Image
A750EK227M1CAAE016 Image
PLE0G681MDO1 Image
  • Part#:PLE0G681MDO1
  • Manufacturers:Nichicon
  • Description:CAP ALUM POLY 680UF 20% 4V T/H
  • In Stock:32692
APXH160ARA820MH70G Image
16SVP82M Image
EEH-ZC1V151V Image
RNU0G222MDN1PH Image
870025374007 Image
870135375007 Image
PCF1C101MCL1GS Image
EEH-ZK1E271P Image
EEH-ZC1V271V Image
35SVPF39M Image
RNU1E181MDN1KX Image
APXG160ARA181MF61G Image
35PZA150M10X13 Image
EEH-ZA1H680V Image
A755MS158M1AAAE013 Image
APXA100ARA560MF60G Image
870235174001 Image
16SVPG270M Image
RNS1A101MDN1KX Image
RSB0E561MCN1GS Image
63PEV33M8X10.5 Image
94SVP157X0020F12 Image
875075155010 Image
PLV1K120MDL1 Image
  • Part#:PLV1K120MDL1
  • Manufacturers:Nichicon
  • Description:CAP ALUM POLY 12UF 20% 80V T/H
  • In Stock:16784
APXE2R5ARA391MF61G Image
875075561005 Image
RSA1C181MCN1GS Image
HZA277M035G24VT-F Image
2SEPC560MZ Image
870235175009 Image
PLX1V390MCL1 Image
  • Part#:PLX1V390MCL1
  • Manufacturers:Nichicon
  • Description:CAP ALUM POLY 39UF 20% 35V T/H
  • In Stock:22734
94SVPD476X0035F12 Image
870025174004 Image
RNE1C102MDN1PH Image

Aluminum - Polymer Capacitors4350 Products Found