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ZS1324-24V LUL1(H)

Excelitas Technologies

ZS1324-24V LUL1(H)
Beskrivelse:TRIGGER COIL
Excelitas Technologies
Excelitas Technologies- Excelitas Technologies is a global technology leader delivering innovative optoelectronics and advanced electronic systems to a global base of leading OEM customers and integrators who seek the highest-performance from market-driven photonic solutions.
Our growing technology portfolio includes a wide range of thermal infrared sensors, photonic emitters, detectors, modules and instruments, pulsed Xenon lamps and light engines, Cermax® Short Arc Xenon lighting systems, high-intensity Xenon & Krypton flashlamps, medical and life science light sources, fiber optic illuminators and customized LED chip-on-board packages and fully integrated solutions.
With the acquisition of Qioptiq, Excelitas now offers an extensive range of sophisticated optical and photonic technologies as well, rounding out our photonic technologies portfolio to present our customers with a streamlined single source for “end-to-end” system solutions… from lasers and light sources… through optics & imaging lenses… to sensors & detection.
We possess extensive design, engineering and manufacturing expertise for integrated solutions serving a wide range of applications across medical, scientific, biotechnology, semiconductor, safety & security, defense & aerospace, energy, environmental, and industrial sectors.
Excelitas stands committed to promoting our customers’ success through every phase of their product development… Engage. Enable. Excel.
ZS1324-24V LUL1(H) Image
CTX210403TR-R Image
  • Del#:CTX210403TR-R
  • produsenter:Eaton
  • Beskrivelse:TRANSFORMER CCFL 4W 26V 7MA SMD
  • På lager:9589
760804111 Image
PFC3519QM-301K06B-00 Image
78250MVC Image
  • Del#:08381
  • produsenter:Bourns Inc.
  • På lager:3553
PFC4124QM-181K09D-00 Image
CTX310411-R Image
  • Del#:CTX310411-R
  • produsenter:Eaton
  • Beskrivelse:TRANSFORMER CCFL 4W 10V 7MA SMD
  • På lager:8469
PH9185.011NLT Image
ZS1052 AC(H) Image
  • Del#:CTX110655-R
  • produsenter:Eaton
  • Beskrivelse:TRANSFORMR CCFL 2.5W 20V 5MA SMD
  • På lager:12437
ATB322515-0110-T000 Image
782485/55C Image
SM-LP-5001E Image
78253/35JVC-R Image
HX6116NL Image
ZS1052 S HT(H) Image
PM61300-1 Image
78253/55JVC-R Image
PH9385.013NLT Image
78253/55MC-R Image
PFC3125ER-301K05B-00 Image
PE-65812FNLT Image
PH9085.012NLT Image
PM61300-5-RC Image
PH9400.566NLT Image
PFC3819QM-181K09B-00 Image
750340476 Image
760801021 Image
PM61300-5 Image
  • Del#:PM61300-5
  • produsenter:Bourns Inc.
  • På lager:4651
14255R-100 Image
PFC3525ER-181K09B-00 Image
PFC3525ER-231K06E-00 Image
78250VC Image
760805210 Image
PH9385.015NLT Image
PE-65812NLT Image
PA0173NLT Image

Spesialtransformatorer284 produkter funnet