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RFQs / Order
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チップ抵抗器 - 表面実装355791製品を見つけました


TE Connectivity Passive Product

説明:RES SMD 102 OHM 0.1% 1/4W 1206
TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
TE Connectivity AMP Connectors- TE Connectivity AMP, formerly Tyco Electronics AMP is the world's leader in the development and manufacture of a wide variety of electronic/electrical connectors and interconnection systems. Products range from terminals and splices to sophisticated high speed printed circuit board connectors and IC sockets, to USB and Circular Connectors.
RP73D2B102RBTDF Image
RMCF0603FT13K0 Image
TNPW120620K5BEEN Image
CRCW25121K02FKTG Image
RMCF1206FT6K19 Image
RT0603DRE075K9L Image
  • モデル:RT0603DRE075K9L
  • メーカー:Yageo
  • 説明:RES SMD 5.9K OHM 0.5% 1/10W 0603
  • 株式:509788
AC1210FR-07715KL Image
CRCW080539K0JNTA Image
Y16070R50000D9R Image
2176092-2 Image
RC0603FR-07560KL Image
MCT06030C8250FP500 Image
CRCW0805348RFKEA Image
ERA-2HEB1020X Image
AC1206FR-0743K2L Image
MCR01MRTF3300 Image
  • モデル:LVC25FR050EV
  • メーカー:Ohmite
  • 説明:RES SMD 0.05 OHM 1% 1W 2512
  • 株式:73324
ERA-3ARB5492V Image
TNPW121080R6BEEN Image
RE1206DRE07523KL Image
CRCW060333R2FKTA Image
ERJ-S06F53R6V Image
ERA-2ARC2100X Image
RMCP2010JT1R20 Image
9T12062A6982CBHFT Image
RG2012P-162-C-T5 Image
RT0805WRD0762KL Image
RG2012N-752-W-T5 Image
TNPW12106K19BEEN Image
MCT06030E1302BP500 Image
9T08052A5600CBHFT Image
D55342E07B240GMWS Image
RT1206CRB0720K5L Image
ESR03EZPJ335 Image
RNCF0603BTC7K15 Image
RNCF1206DTE36K5 Image
RT0603CRE0735R7L Image
RCP0505W68R0JEB Image
TNPW120656K0BEEA Image
RT0603BRB07732RL Image
RG1608V-3400-D-T5 Image
ERJ-S08F4300V Image
AF0402JR-071R8L Image
PHP00603E76R8BST1 Image

チップ抵抗器 - 表面実装355791製品を見つけました