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Illinois Capacitor

説明:CAP ALUM POLY 82UF 20% 50V T/H
Illinois Capacitor
Illinois CapacitorIllinois Capacitor is a leading manufacturer of miniature capacitors for electronics, lighting, energy and other markets. These products include: aluminum electrolytic, metalized film, power film, supercapacitors (ultra capacitors) and other types. IC is one of the world’s most experienced capacitor manufacturers, well known for its benchmark quality, guaranteed delivery and responsive engineering support.
826AVG050MFBJ Image
EEH-ZA1J220XP Image
875115252003 Image
94SVPD226X0035E12 Image
APXE4R0ARA101ME61G Image
16SEQP150M Image
EEF-SX0D471ER Image
477UER6R3MFF Image
APXF4R0ARA561MH70G Image
A700V476M006ATE028 Image
PLF1A151MDL4 Image
APXG250ARA470MF61G Image
6SEPC220M+TSS Image
PCR1D681MCL1GS Image
PCS1A560MCL9GS Image
PCJ0G391MCL1GS Image
A765KN227M1ALAE020 Image
PLV1V680MDL1 Image
HZA476M035D16T-F Image
RPS1J330MCN1GS Image
APXG160ARA181MF61G Image
PCJ1C221MCL4GS Image
APXF2R5ARA471MF80G Image
336XMPL010MG19 Image
EEF-UD0K101R Image
SPSX471M0ER-4 Image
RNS1A101MDN1 Image
94SVPD826X0025F12 Image
RNE0J122MDN1 Image
477UER6R3MEF Image
RR70J681MDN1PH Image
EEF-LX0D561R Image
2SEPC820MW+TSS Image
16SEP150M+T Image
875105359001 Image
PCJ1A391MCL1GS Image
16SEPC100MW+S Image
567UVG4R0MFBJ Image
RR71C331MDN1 Image
157XMPL2R5MG19 Image
20SVP68M Image
EEF-LX0E471R Image
RSB0G331MCN1GS Image
PLF0E122MDO1 Image
6SEPC470MW+TSS Image
PCX1C271MCS1GS Image
RR71A681MDN1 Image
APXC2R5ARA181ME60G Image
6SVPS22M Image
EEF-LT0E271R Image