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RFQs / Order
Part No. Manufacturer Qty  
Baile > Táirgí > RF / MÁ agus RFID > RFI agus IEA - shielding agus Ábhair ionsúite

RFI agus IEA - shielding agus Ábhair ionsúite1779 Products Found

3M CN3190 1

3M (TC)

3M CN3190 1"SQ-250
3M- 3M offers innovative solutions to the electronics industry and is a leading manufacturer of interconnect solutions for board-to-board, wire-to-board, backplane and input/output (I/O) applications. These include 3M™ Wiremount Insulation Displacement Contact (IDC) Connectors, Mini Delta Ribbon (MDR) I/O System, Mini-Clamp Discrete Wire System, MetPak™ High Speed Hard Metric (HSHM) and the new Ultra Hard Metric (UHM) Backplane Connectors. Using industry leading capabilities in CAD - such as NX™ and SLA modeling - 3M's experienced engineers turn ideas into real world solutions.
3M offers solutions for printed circuit board fabrication, board assembly and test, such as adhesives and tapes, embedded capacitor materials, Textool™ Test and Burn-in Sockets, carrier and cover tapes and trays, flexible circuits, and products for reducing electrostatic discharge. 3M also offers solutions for shielding from EMI/RFI, for thermal management and vibration damping, as well as for packaging and labeling.
For more information on 3M's involvement with the electronics industry, visit www.3M.com/electronics. For interconnect solutions, visit www.3Mconnector.com.
3M, MetPak and Textool are trademarks of 3M Company. Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
3M CN3190 1
  • Cuid #:AB5070S
  • monaróirí:3M
  • Tuairisc:EMI ABSORBER
  • I stoc:4645
  • Cuid #:RFIC60
  • monaróirí:3M
  • I stoc:1965
3-6-1267 Image
  • Cuid #:3-6-1267
  • monaróirí:3M (TC)
  • Tuairisc:TAPE ALUM FOIL 76.2MMX5.5M
  • I stoc:484
CF710KA0065001M Image
  • Cuid #:1181-3/4"X18YD
  • monaróirí:3M
  • Tuairisc:TAPE 3/4X18 YDS BULK MINI-CASE
  • I stoc:1838
AB5020HF-210X297 Image
  • Cuid #:AB5020HF-210X297
  • monaróirí:3M
  • Tuairisc:EMI ABSORBER .2MM 210MMX297MM
  • I stoc:2224
46W5E01020.NN00 Image
3M 1181 2
3M AB5020HF 3.94
CF720AB35565080 Image
FAM3-400-400-0.75-1A Image
3M AB5020HF 3.94
5-1345-3/4 Image
  • Cuid #:5-1345-3/4
  • monaróirí:3M (TC)
  • Tuairisc:TAPE COPPER FOIL 19.1MM 5/PK
  • I stoc:5181
1120 X 1
  • Cuid #:1120 X 1"
  • monaróirí:3M
  • Tuairisc:TAPE ALUM FOIL 25.4MMX32.9M
  • I stoc:1420
FFAM25 1*1 Image
AB6005G Image
  • Cuid #:AB6005G
  • monaróirí:3M
  • Tuairisc:TAPE METAL 254X297MM
  • I stoc:9
1181 X 1
  • Cuid #:1181 X 1"
  • monaróirí:3M
  • Tuairisc:TAPE COPPER FOIL 25.4MMX16.5M
  • I stoc:1103
AB5010SHF-210X297 Image
EFX(03)-240X240 Image
CN 3190 X 6
  • Cuid #:CN 3190 X 6"
  • monaróirí:3M
  • Tuairisc:TAPE POLYESTER 152.4X49.9M
  • I stoc:59
3M AB5100HF 1.03
3M AB5020HF 0.78
3M CN3490 0.5
3M CN4490 CIRCLE-0.75
8.26X12-6-AB5030 Image
FAM1-200-200-0.2-1A Image
3M CN4490 3/4
3M AB5100HF 1.5
5-AB5020-1/2-4R Image
3M AB5010 1/2
3M 1267 1
46J5N02520.NN00 Image
12X12-6-CN4190 Image
3M 1345 1
3M AB5020 CIRCLE-2
5-CN4190-1S Image
  • Cuid #:MSG-6030
  • monaróirí:3M
  • Tuairisc:SHIELDING GASKET 385MMX10M .30MM
  • I stoc:54

RFI agus IEA - shielding agus Ábhair ionsúite1779 Products Found