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Baile > Táirgí > Scoite Semiconductor Products > Trasraitheoirí - FETs, MOSFETanna - Single

Trasraitheoirí - FETs, MOSFETanna - Single25814 Products Found


Infineon Technologies

Tuairisc:MOSFET N-CH 30V 6.5A 8-SOIC
Infineon Technologies
Infineon TechnologiesOn April 1st, 1999, Siemens Semiconductors became Infineon Technologies. A dynamic more flexible company geared towards success in the competitive, ever-changing world of microelectronics.
Infineon is a leading global designer, manufacturer and supplier of a broad range of semiconductors used in various microelectronic applications. Infineon's product portfolio consists of logic products, including digital, mixed-signal, and analog integrated circuits, as well as discrete semiconductor products.
IRF7353D1TRPBF Image
FDP8N50NZ Image
FQD2N30TM Image
TPW1R005PL,L1Q Image
STU1HN60K3 Image
IRFZ46NS Image
NTJS3157NT2 Image
FQPF50N06L Image
HUF75343S3ST Image
2N7002T Image
ZVN4306GVTC Image
US5U29TR Image
IRFS7534TRL7PP Image
NDT014L Image
CSD18533Q5A Image
  • Cuid #:CSD18533Q5A
  • monaróirí:N/A
  • Tuairisc:MOSFET N-CH 60V 17A 8SON
  • I stoc:36037
RTL035N03TR Image
BUK7905-40AI,127 Image
IPB77N06S212ATMA2 Image
IRF7807D2TRPBF Image
AO6409_102 Image
TK13A50D(STA4,Q,M) Image
SI8806DB-T2-E1 Image
IXTA76N25T Image
  • Cuid #:IXTA76N25T
  • monaróirí:IXYS
  • Tuairisc:MOSFET N-CH 250V 76A TO-263
  • I stoc:14555
STL12N65M2 Image
SI8487DB-T1-E1 Image
STF5N105K5 Image
3N164 Image
SI4126DY-T1-GE3 Image
NVTR4503NT1G Image
IRF7495TR Image
SI5404BDC-T1-E3 Image
IRF740LCL Image
IRF7809 Image
TK4A60D(STA4,Q,M) Image
IPA65R099C6XKSA1 Image
IRF7210TRPBF Image
IRFU220_R4941 Image
IXFN340N07 Image
  • Cuid #:IXFN340N07
  • monaróirí:IXYS
  • Tuairisc:MOSFET N-CH 70V 340A SOT-227B
  • I stoc:1585
DMN2114SN-7 Image
DMP2066LVT-7 Image
FQP44N10F Image
IPW90R800C3 Image

Trasraitheoirí - FETs, MOSFETanna - Single25814 Products Found