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Baile > Táirgí > Cosaint Chuarda > Inrush Teorantóirí Reatha (ICL)

Inrush Teorantóirí Reatha (ICL)904 Products Found


US Sensor

Tuairisc:ICL 5 OHM 20% 4A 15.24MM
US Sensor
US Sensor- U.S. Sensor is a world class manufacturer of the highest quality thermistors as well as thermistor probes and assemblies . Our products are produced using proprietary state of the art processing techniques resulting in superior long term reliability. Our wide range of products include DO-35 Glass Encapsulated thermistors, highly accurate Precision Interchangeable thermistors, SMT thermistors, custom thermistor probes and assemblies and RTD’s and RTD assemblies designed to meet the most demanding applications.
U.S. Sensor’s products are used in the Consumer Electronics, Industrial Electronics, Medical, Military and Aerospace, Food Handling/Processing and Communication and Instrumentation markets. UL Recognition was awarded to U.S. Sensor for a complete line of DO-35 Glass Encapsulated Thermistors and for a series of Surface Temperature Sensing Ring Lug Style thermistor assemblies.
ST5R004B Image
  • Cuid #:ST5R004B
  • monaróirí:US Sensor
  • Tuairisc:ICL 5 OHM 20% 4A 15.24MM
  • I stoc:3616
SL15 5R007-A Image
SL10 12101-A Image
SL03 22101 Image
ICL155R007-01 Image
MS22 12104-B Image
B57235S100M51 Image
ST30002B Image
  • Cuid #:ST30002B
  • monaróirí:US Sensor
  • Tuairisc:ICL 30 OHM 20% 2A 13.97MM
  • I stoc:3265
MF72-010D15 Image
SL22 2R515-AT Image
B57211P250M351 Image
SL10 10003 Image
B57235S809M51 Image
B57153S479M54 Image
SG311 Image
  • Cuid #:SG311
  • monaróirí:Ametherm
  • Tuairisc:ICL 5 OHM 15% 7A 15.24MM
  • I stoc:93404
ST20001C Image
  • Cuid #:ST20001C
  • monaróirí:US Sensor
  • Tuairisc:ICL 20 OHM 20% 300MA 8.89MM
  • I stoc:3918
B57127P100M301 Image
SL22 2R508-B Image
B57238S309M Image
SG40 Image
  • Cuid #:SG40
  • monaróirí:Ametherm
  • Tuairisc:ICL 10 OHM 20% 8A 22.86MM
  • I stoc:22405
SL22 16004 Image
SL22 2R515-BT Image
ST25002C Image
  • Cuid #:ST25002C
  • monaróirí:US Sensor
  • Tuairisc:ICL 25 OHM 20% 2A 13.97MM
  • I stoc:4736
SL22 5R012-AT Image
SG306 Image
  • Cuid #:SG306
  • monaróirí:Ametherm
  • Tuairisc:ICL 2.5 OHM 15% 10A 15.24MM
  • I stoc:71312
B57237S220M Image
SL22 5R012 Image
SL22 20005-A Image
MF72-060D11 Image
CL-120 Image
SG405 Image
  • Cuid #:SG405
  • monaróirí:Ametherm
  • Tuairisc:ICL 1 OHM 25% 30A
  • I stoc:14025
CL-180A Image
NTPA74R0LB1A0 Image
SL22 1R020-B Image
SL22 10008 Image
MF72-012D15 Image
SL10 25002-A Image
SL12 50002 Image
ST1R020B Image
  • Cuid #:ST1R020B
  • monaróirí:US Sensor
  • Tuairisc:ICL 1 OHM 15% 20A 30.5MM
  • I stoc:11507
SL32 2R023-B Image

Inrush Teorantóirí Reatha (ICL)904 Products Found