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Dom > proizvodi > Senzori, pretvornici > Magnetski senzori - sklopke (solid state)

Magnetski senzori - sklopke (solid state)2179 Proizvodi Pronađeno


Melexis Technologies NV

Melexis Technologies NV
Melexis Technologies NV- For over a decade, Melexis has been designing and manufacturing products for the automotive sector, for which it offers a multitude of sensor ICs, ASSPs and ASICs. Melexis devices reliably live up to the highest standards of quality required in a demanding automotive environment.
Melexis operates in business units each covering a product line. The corporate headquarters is located in Belgium. R&D centers are in Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Bulgaria and Ukraine. Probe and test facilities are in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and the US. Application Engineering is located mainly in the US, Germany and France. Corporate marketing & sales is in the US headquarters.
US2881LUA-AAA-000-BU Image
HAL1562SU-A Image
AH277AZ4-CG1 Image
US2881EUA-AAA-000-BU Image
AH3764Q-P-A Image
AH9251-W-7 Image
A1213LUA-T Image
A1120ELHLX-T Image
A1126LUA-T Image
A3251LUA Image
AH375-PL-B Image
OHN3075U Image
ADH025-00 Image
KMI16/1,115 Image
S-5725JCBH1-I4T1U Image
AH173-PG-B-A Image
SS413A Image
MRMS541D Image
MLX92211LSE-AEA-000-SP Image
US5881KSE-AAA-000-RE Image
AKL001-12E Image
MLX92231LSE-AAA-007-RE Image
AH276Z4-BG1 Image
A1142LLHLT-T Image
A1186EUA Image
AD723-02E Image
MLX92212LSE-AAA-000-RE Image
AH3768Q-P-A Image
S-5712ACSL1-I4T1U Image
S-5716ACSL0-I4T1U Image
MLX92241LSE-AAA-015-RE Image
US5881ESO Image
A1182LUA-T Image
S-5724ICBH1-I4T1U Image
TLE4917HTSA1 Image
AH3373-SA-7 Image
MLX92241LSE-AAA-014-SP Image
A1157LLHLT-T Image
HAL108TQ-C Image
A3425LLTR-T Image
AH3762Q-P-B Image
EW710B Image
TLE4913 Image
A1160LLHLT-T Image
AH180-PG-B-S Image

Magnetski senzori - sklopke (solid state)2179 Proizvodi Pronađeno