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Accueil > Des produits > Capteurs, transducteurs > Cellules CdS capteurs optiques - détecteurs Photo-

Cellules CdS capteurs optiques - détecteurs Photo-59 Produits trouvés


Luna Optoelectronics

La description:PHOTOCELL CDS 700OHM TO-18
Luna Optoelectronics
Luna Optoelectronics- Luna Optoelectronics is a leading supplier of opto-electronic solutions and Terahertz sensors and instrumentation to a global OEM customer base. Our solutions are based on our patented high speed optical receivers in III-V materials in APD and PIN configurations and silicon Large Area Avalanche Photodiode (LAAPD), PIN photodiode and FILTRODE® detectors. The Terahertz sensor product line is targeted to the Non-Destructive Testing (including Baggage/Cargo Scanning) and Quality Control markets. Our served markets are: Telecom, Homeland Security, Military, Medical, and Industrial/NDT.
NSL-5112 Image
PDV-P9004 Image
PDV-P9203 Image
NSL-5540 Image
PDV-P8107 Image
NSL-5150 Image
PDV-P5003 Image
NSL-6510 Image
NSL-4132 Image
PDV-P8005 Image
PDV-P8001 Image
NSL-4960 Image
PDV-P8003 Image
PDV-P5002 Image
350-00009 Image
PDV-P9005 Image
NSL-5162 Image
NSL-7910 Image
PDV-P7001 Image
PDV-P9103 Image
PDV-P8103 Image
PDV-P9008 Image
NSL-5110 Image
PDV-P9007 Image
PDV-P5001 Image
PDV-P9200 Image
NSL-5152 Image
NSL-6112 Image
PDV-P9003 Image
PDV-P9001 Image
PDV-P8106 Image
PDV-P8102 Image
PDV-P8101 Image
NSL-5532 Image
PDV-P9002 Image
PDV-P7004 Image
NSL-19M51 Image
PDV-P9003-1 Image
PDV-P9002-1 Image
PDV-P8004 Image
NSL-4140 Image
PDV-P8006 Image
NSL-6110 Image
PDV-P8105 Image
NSL-19-018 Image
PDV-P7003 Image
PDV-P9005-1 Image
PDV-P8104 Image
PDV-P9006 Image
PDV-P7005 Image

Cellules CdS capteurs optiques - détecteurs Photo-59 Produits trouvés