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Accueil > Des produits > Isolateurs > Opto-isolateurs - Sortie logique

Opto-isolateurs - Sortie logique1877 Produits trouvés


Broadcom Limited

La description:OPTOISO 1.5KV OPEN COLL 8SMD
Broadcom Limited
Broadcom Limited- Broadcom Limited is a diversified global semiconductor leader built on 50 years of innovation, collaboration and engineering excellence. Broadcom’s extensive product portfolio serves multiple applications within four primary end markets: wired infrastructure, wireless communications, enterprise storage and industrial & others. Applications for our products in these end markets include: data center networking, home connectivity, broadband access, telecommunications equipment, smartphones and base stations, data center servers and storage, factory automation, power generation and alternative energy systems, and displays.
HCPL-7721-560E Image
ACPL-021L-060E Image
HCPL-263L#520 Image
6N137S(TA) Image
HCPL0611R1 Image
PS9117-V-F3-A Image
  • Partie#:PS9117-V-F3-A
  • Fabricants:CEL
  • La description:OPTOISO 3.75KV OPN COLLECTOR 5SO
  • En stock:4307
PS9814-1-F4-A Image
  • Partie#:PS9814-1-F4-A
  • Fabricants:CEL
  • La description:OPTOISO 2.5KV OPEN COLL 8SSOP
  • En stock:4106
HCPL-2201-500E Image
ACNT-H61L-000E Image
HCPL-2630#500 Image
PS9303L-AX Image
  • Partie#:PS9303L-AX
  • Fabricants:CEL
  • La description:OPTOISO 5KV PUSH PULL 6DIP GW
  • En stock:10338
H11L1S1(TA) Image
HCPL-260L-020 Image
VOW137-X017T Image
5962-8957103KPA Image
FOD260LS Image
ACSL-6420-56TE Image
ACPL-M483-500E Image
PS9817-2-F3-A Image
  • Partie#:PS9817-2-F3-A
  • Fabricants:CEL
  • La description:OPTOISO 2.5KV 2CH OPEN COL 8SSOP
  • En stock:4424
PS9115-F3-A Image
  • Partie#:PS9115-F3-A
  • Fabricants:CEL
  • La description:OPTOISO 3.75KV PUSH PULL 5SO
  • En stock:3247
HCPL-4506#060 Image
ACSL-6310-50TE Image
ACPL-077L-060E Image
HCPL0631 Image
HCPL-2601 Image
HCPL-7723-560E Image
6N137A-X007T Image
HCPL-4661-300E Image
HCPL0637R2 Image
HCPL-2631#520 Image
HCPL-7720#300 Image
HCPL-0710-500E Image
ACPL-K63L-560E Image
ACPL-M60L-500E Image
ACPL-M72U-000E Image
ACFL-6211U-500E Image
HCPL-263A-520E Image
HCPL-7710-320E Image
TLP104(TPR,E) Image
PS9113-A Image
  • Partie#:PS9113-A
  • Fabricants:CEL
  • La description:OPTOISO 3.75KV OPN COLLECTOR 5SO
  • En stock:3436
PS9851-1-F3-AX Image
  • Partie#:PS9851-1-F3-AX
  • Fabricants:CEL
  • La description:OPTOISO 2.5KV PUSH PULL 8SSOP
  • En stock:42474
TLP105(F) Image
HCPL-5600 Image
HCPL0638 Image
HCPL-268K#200 Image

Opto-isolateurs - Sortie logique1877 Produits trouvés