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PMIC - contrôleurs permutable à chaud2028 Produits trouvés


Maxim Integrated

Maxim Integrated
Maxim Integrated- The market is evolving. The rules are changing. To keep your time to market short, you need integration at every level—from silicon to the supply chain.
Count on Maxim Integrated to help you overcome design and architectural challenges, with integrated solutions for the industrial, medical, consumer, automotive, energy, computing, and communications realms.
Maxim Integrated is also your source for power, interface, and even digital products that work in the analog world. And they’re glad to support you with reference designs, tools, technical documents, packaging, and more. We invite you to explore their latest analog integration offerings.
MAX5900NNETT+T Image
LTC4225IGN-2#TRPBF Image
UCC3919D Image
  • Partie#:UCC3919D
  • Fabricants:N/A
  • La description:IC 3V-8V PWR MANAGER 16-SOIC
  • En stock:242
ISL6111CRZA Image
  • Partie#:ISL6111CRZA
  • Fabricants:Intersil
  • La description:IC CTRLR HOT PLUG SWITCH 20-QFN
  • En stock:4340
TPS2393APWG4 Image
  • Partie#:TPS2393APWG4
  • Fabricants:N/A
  • La description:IC HOT SWAP POWER MGR 14TSSOP
  • En stock:25629
UCC2917NG4 Image
  • Partie#:UCC2917NG4
  • Fabricants:N/A
  • La description:IC PWR MGR POS-FLT HOTSWP 16DIP
  • En stock:3386
LTC4252-2CMS#TRPBF Image
ISL61862CIRZ-T Image
MAX5919AEEE+ Image
MIC2585-1LYTS-TR Image
UCC2919DTR Image
  • Partie#:UCC2919DTR
  • Fabricants:N/A
  • La description:IC PWR MGR HOTSWP 3-8V 16SOIC
  • En stock:4503
ISL61852BCRZ Image
MIC2595-2YM Image
ISL6117CB-T Image
  • Partie#:ISL6117CB-T
  • Fabricants:Intersil
  • La description:IC CTRLR POWER DISTRIB 8-SOIC
  • En stock:4413
  • Partie#:TPS25940LRVCT
  • Fabricants:N/A
  • La description:IC PWR MGMT EFUSE 2.7-18V 20WQFN
  • En stock:46545
MIC2586R-1YM Image
ISL61861ACBZ Image
  • Partie#:ISL61861ACBZ
  • Fabricants:Intersil
  • La description:IC USB PWR CTRLR 1.5A 8SOIC
  • En stock:23674
ISL61851ACBZ Image
  • Partie#:ISL61851ACBZ
  • Fabricants:Intersil
  • La description:IC USB PWR CTRLR DUAL 8SOIC
  • En stock:71910
LTM9100CY#PBF Image
MAX5903LAETT+T Image
ISL61861HCBZ Image
MIC2587R-2BM-TR Image
LTC1642IGN#PBF Image
HIP1011ECA Image
  • Partie#:HIP1011ECA
  • Fabricants:Intersil
  • La description:IC CTRLR HOTPLUG DUAL 28-SSOP
  • En stock:3378
  • Partie#:TPS2592BLDRCT
  • Fabricants:N/A
  • La description:IC PWR MGR HOTSWAP 3-20V 10SON
  • En stock:32989
LTC4261IUFD-2#PBF Image
LTC4253CGN#PBF Image
MAX5925BEUB+T Image
ADM1075-1ARUZ-RL7 Image
MAX5959LECS+ Image
ISL61853KIRZ-T Image
MAX5917BESE+ Image
TPS2321IPWR Image
  • Partie#:TPS2321IPWR
  • Fabricants:N/A
  • En stock:39237
TPS24720RGTT Image
  • Partie#:TPS24720RGTT
  • Fabricants:N/A
  • La description:IC CTRLR HOT SWAP 2.5-18V 16QFN
  • En stock:24313
MCZ34653EF Image
MIC2583-KYQS Image
LTC1647-1IS8#TRPBF Image
MAX5947BESA+T Image
MIC2583-MYQS Image
LTC4236CUFD-1#PBF Image
MIC2595-2BM Image
MAX5954LETX+T Image
MIC2591B-2BTQ-TR Image
ISL61861DIBZ-T Image
LTC4226IUD-2#PBF Image
LM5068MMX-1 Image
  • Partie#:LM5068MMX-1
  • Fabricants:N/A
  • La description:IC CTLR HOT SWAP -48V 8VSSOP
  • En stock:3956
MAX5902LCEUT+T Image
ISL61851CIBZ-T Image

PMIC - contrôleurs permutable à chaud2028 Produits trouvés