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Logique - Compteurs, diviseurs1868 Produits trouvés


Nexperia USA Inc.

Nexperia USA Inc.
Nexperia USA Inc.- Nexperia is a dedicated global leader in Discretes, Logic and MOSFETs devices. This new company became independent at the beginning of 2017.
Focused on efficiency, Nexperia produces consistently reliable semiconductor components at high volume: 85 billion annually. The company’s extensive portfolio meets the stringent standards set by the Automotive industry. And industry-leading small packages, produced in their own manufacturing facilities, combine power and thermal efficiency with best-in-class quality levels.
Built on over half a century of expertise, Nexperia has 11,000 employees across Asia, Europe and the U.S. supporting customers globally.
Introducing: Nexperia. Efficiency wins.
The NXP Standard Products Division’s portfolio (Discretes, Logic & MOSFETs) has been transferred to Nexperia (Feb 7, 2017).
74LVC163D,118 Image
74HC4017PW-Q100J Image
MC100EP33MNR4G Image
MC100LVEL32DT Image
MC74HC393ADG Image
SN74LS90N Image
  • Partie#:SN74LS90N
  • Fabricants:N/A
  • La description:IC DECADE COUNTER 14-DIP
  • En stock:28713
CD4510BPWR Image
  • Partie#:CD4510BPWR
  • Fabricants:N/A
  • La description:IC BCD UP/DWN COUNT PRST 16TSSOP
  • En stock:428191
SN74ALS163BDRE4 Image
  • Partie#:SN74ALS163BDRE4
  • Fabricants:N/A
  • La description:IC COUNTER DEC/BIN 4BIT 16-SOIC
  • En stock:140924
SN74AS869DWRG4 Image
  • Partie#:SN74AS869DWRG4
  • Fabricants:N/A
  • La description:IC COUNTER BINARY 8BIT 24SOIC
  • En stock:3847
MC14040BCPG Image
SN74HC4040DT Image
  • Partie#:SN74HC4040DT
  • Fabricants:N/A
  • La description:IC COUNTER ASYNC BINARY 16-SOIC
  • En stock:172328
SN74AS867DWRG4 Image
  • Partie#:SN74AS867DWRG4
  • Fabricants:N/A
  • La description:IC COUNTER BINARY 8BIT 24SOIC
  • En stock:4473
MC14526BDWR2 Image
MC14526BFG Image
74AC161SC Image
CD4510BE Image
  • Partie#:CD4510BE
  • Fabricants:N/A
  • La description:IC BCD UP/DWN COUNTR PREST 16DIP
  • En stock:97327
SY100EL32VZI Image
CD40110BEG4 Image
  • Partie#:CD40110BEG4
  • Fabricants:N/A
  • La description:IC DECADE UP/DN COUNTER 16-DIP
  • En stock:74596
SY10E136JC Image
74HC161N,652 Image
CD4518BPWR Image
  • Partie#:CD4518BPWR
  • Fabricants:N/A
  • La description:IC DUAL BCD UP-COUNTER 16TSSOP
  • En stock:151288
CD74HC4024PWT Image
  • Partie#:CD74HC4024PWT
  • Fabricants:N/A
  • La description:IC 7-STAGE BIN RIP CNTR 14TSSOP
  • En stock:3957
CD40103BNSR Image
  • Partie#:CD40103BNSR
  • Fabricants:N/A
  • La description:IC COUNTER BIN 8BIT CMOS 16SO
  • En stock:52858
CD4017BPWRE4 Image
  • Partie#:CD4017BPWRE4
  • Fabricants:N/A
  • La description:IC 10-OUT DECADE COUNTER 16TSSOP
  • En stock:433007
74ACT161MTCX Image
CD74HCT4060EG4 Image
  • Partie#:CD74HCT4060EG4
  • Fabricants:N/A
  • La description:IC 14-STAGE BIN COUNTER 16-DIP
  • En stock:187918
MC100EP016AMNG Image
NLV74HC4020ADR2G Image
MC10H016FNR2G Image
74F193SC Image
MC100EL33DR2G Image
CD4018BMG4 Image
  • Partie#:CD4018BMG4
  • Fabricants:N/A
  • La description:IC DIV-BY-N COUNTR PRESET 16SOIC
  • En stock:352553
MC10H016FNG Image
SN74LV163AD Image
  • Partie#:SN74LV163AD
  • Fabricants:N/A
  • La description:IC 4BIT SYNC BINRY COUNTR 16SOIC
  • En stock:130668
74AC169SJ Image
SN74LS92DRE4 Image
  • Partie#:SN74LS92DRE4
  • Fabricants:N/A
  • La description:IC COUNTER DIVIDE X12 14SOIC
  • En stock:3256
MC74AC4040N Image
SN74HC4060DBR Image
  • Partie#:SN74HC4060DBR
  • Fabricants:N/A
  • La description:IC COUNTER/OSC ASYNC BIN 16SSOP
  • En stock:93527
SY10EL33LZI-TR Image
MC10EL33DTG Image
SN74LS393D Image
  • Partie#:SN74LS393D
  • Fabricants:N/A
  • La description:IC DUAL 4-BIT BIN CNTR 14-SOIC
  • En stock:37255
74AC169MTC Image
CD74HCT161M96 Image
  • Partie#:CD74HCT161M96
  • Fabricants:N/A
  • La description:IC 4BIT BINARY COUNTER 16SOIC
  • En stock:137408
MM74HC4060SJX Image
N74F161AN,602 Image
CD74HCT163MT Image
  • Partie#:CD74HCT163MT
  • Fabricants:N/A
  • En stock:3593
CD4018BPWE4 Image
  • Partie#:CD4018BPWE4
  • Fabricants:N/A
  • La description:IC DIV-BY-N COUNTR PRSET 16TSSOP
  • En stock:315477
CD74HC93M96 Image
  • Partie#:CD74HC93M96
  • Fabricants:N/A
  • La description:IC COUNTER 4-BIT BIN RIP 14-SOIC
  • En stock:126364
HCF4020M013TR Image
MC14569BDW Image

Logique - Compteurs, diviseurs1868 Produits trouvés