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Accueil > Des produits > Circuits intégrés (CI) > Linear - Amplificateurs - Amplis vidéo et modules

Linear - Amplificateurs - Amplis vidéo et modules1397 Produits trouvés


Linear Technology

La description:IC VGA DIG CONTROL 32-QFN
Linear Technology
Linear Technology- Linear Technology Corporation designs, manufactures and markets a broad line of standard high performance integrated circuits. Applications for the Company's products include telecommunications, cellular telephones, networking products, notebook and desktop computers, video/multimedia, industrial instrumentation, automotive electronics, factory automation, process control, and military and space systems. The Company's principal product categories include amplifiers, battery management, data converters, high frequency, interface, voltage regulators and voltage references.
Analog Devices, Inc. acquires Linear Technology: With the combined 80 years of technology excellence, ADI becomes "The Premier Global Analog Technology Company". This new comprehensive portfolio gives customers an edge by market leading position, innovation, and commitment. More Information
LT5554IUH#PBF Image
HA4600CP Image
  • Partie#:HA4600CP
  • Fabricants:Intersil
  • La description:IC VIDEO BUFFER 480MHZ 8DIP
  • En stock:4184
CGD1042H,112 Image
MAX9584AUA+ Image
SN10502D Image
  • Partie#:SN10502D
  • Fabricants:N/A
  • La description:IC OPAMP HS R/R VIDEO 8-SOIC
  • En stock:14998
LT6559CUD#PBF Image
BGD702,112 Image
ADA4853-1AKSZ-RL Image
ADA4853-3YCPZ-R7 Image
LT6207CGN#PBF Image
LT6552CS8#PBF Image
MAX9588AUA+T Image
MAX9504BEUT+T Image
SN761666DGK Image
  • Partie#:SN761666DGK
  • Fabricants:N/A
  • La description:IC AGC AMP TV TUNER SYST 8VSSOP
  • En stock:4749
MAX457CSA+ Image
THS7373IPW Image
  • Partie#:THS7373IPW
  • Fabricants:N/A
  • La description:IC AMP VIDEO 4CH 14TSSOP
  • En stock:44055
MAX4392EUA+ Image
BGY587,112 Image
BGD702N,112 Image
AD810ARZ-REEL7 Image
OPA3692IDBQR Image
  • Partie#:OPA3692IDBQR
  • Fabricants:N/A
  • La description:IC VIDEO BUFFER AMP TRPL 16SSOP
  • En stock:15151
LMH6739MQ/NOPB Image
  • Partie#:LMH6739MQ/NOPB
  • Fabricants:N/A
  • En stock:7174
  • Partie#:OPA832IDBVT
  • Fabricants:N/A
  • La description:IC VIDEO BUFFER AMP LP SOT23-5
  • En stock:23779
LT1192CS8#PBF Image
ADA4853-3WYCPZ-R7 Image
EL4340IUZ Image
  • Partie#:EL4340IUZ
  • Fabricants:Intersil
  • La description:IC MUX AMP TRPL 500MHZ 24-QSOP
  • En stock:9047
BUF07704AIPWP Image
  • Partie#:BUF07704AIPWP
  • Fabricants:N/A
  • La description:IC 6CH GAMMA CRRCT BUFF 20HTSSOP
  • En stock:47867
AD829SE/883B Image
TSH103ID Image
MAX454CSD+ Image
THS7315D Image
  • Partie#:THS7315D
  • Fabricants:N/A
  • La description:IC SDTV VIDEO AMP 3CH 8-SOIC
  • En stock:33055
BUF06703PWR Image
  • Partie#:BUF06703PWR
  • Fabricants:N/A
  • La description:IC 6CH GAMM CORRECT BUFF 16TSSOP
  • En stock:101347
PA09A Image
ISL59481IRZ-T13 Image
ISL59420IUZ-T7 Image
EL4332CS-T7 Image
  • Partie#:EL4332CS-T7
  • Fabricants:Intersil
  • La description:IC MUX AMP 3 X 2:1 300MHZ 16SOIC
  • En stock:4705
AD830JRZ Image
MAX4389EXT/V+T Image
EL9202IL-T13 Image
  • Partie#:EL9202IL-T13
  • Fabricants:Intersil
  • La description:IC AMP VCOM PROGRAMMABLE 24-QFN
  • En stock:3902
THS7364IPWR Image
  • Partie#:THS7364IPWR
  • Fabricants:N/A
  • La description:IC AMP VIDEO 6CH 20TSSOP
  • En stock:28077
MAX4025EUP+ Image
LT6557IGN#PBF Image
AD8072JRZ Image
OPA3693IDBQRG4 Image
  • Partie#:OPA3693IDBQRG4
  • Fabricants:N/A
  • La description:IC VIDEO BUFFER TRIPLE 16SSOP
  • En stock:20645
LT6206CMS8#TRPBF Image
ISL59448IAZ Image
  • Partie#:ISL59448IAZ
  • Fabricants:Intersil
  • La description:IC AMP TRIPLE MUX 500MHZ 24-QSOP
  • En stock:13052
TSH341ILT Image
SN10503PWP Image
  • Partie#:SN10503PWP
  • Fabricants:N/A
  • La description:IC VIDEO AMP RR-OUT HS 14-HTSSOP
  • En stock:12317

Linear - Amplificateurs - Amplis vidéo et modules1397 Produits trouvés