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Interface - Enregistrement et lecture vocale537 Produits trouvés


Nuvoton Technology Corporation of America

La description:IC VOICE REC/PLAY 60-SEC 28-DIP
Nuvoton Technology Corporation of America
Nuvoton Technology Corporation of America- Nuvoton Technology Corp. was founded upon the expectation of the future to create a new era by innovative inspiration.
Nuvoton Technology Corp. was carved-out as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Winbond Electronics Corp. in July 2008. Nuvoton has extended Winbond's product lines of Computer Logic IC business; core technology, partnerships; customers and sales etc., prior to the curve-out, as well as continues to enhance product innovation and to comprehend the needs of terminal application market, and provide superior service to our customers based on the existing foundation.
ISD1760PYI Image
ISD1612BSYR Image
ISD5102SYI Image
ISD4004-12MP Image
ISD2532SY Image
ISD1210SR Image
ISD17210SY Image
ISD2560SY Image
ISD4003-08MEIR Image
ISD4004-08MEIR Image
ISD4002-240EYI Image
ISD4004-12MEI Image
ISD5104SYR Image
ISD4002-240SYI Image
ISD5216SYI Image
ISD1612BPYI01 Image
ISD17240EYR Image
ISD1210S Image
ISD17120SYI Image
ISD1760EYI Image
ISD5104EY Image
ISD4002-240P Image
ISD1750PYI Image
ISD5116P Image
ISD1760SY01 Image
ISD5008SYI Image
ISD1740SYR Image
ISD17150SYIR Image
ISD1610BSY01 Image
ISD4002-180SY Image
ISD1612BSY01 Image
ISD17120PYI Image
ISD4003-05MEDR Image
ISD1112P Image
ISD4004-16MEI Image
ISD4003-05ME Image
ISD17120PY Image
ISD4002-150EDR Image
ISD4004-10MED Image
ISD4002-150EI Image
ISD1760SY Image
ISD4004-10MSYI Image
ISD1616BPYI Image
ISD4003-05MS Image
ISD15116FYI Image
ISD4004-10MEIR Image
ISD25120P Image
ISD5108SYI Image
ISD4002-180EI Image
ISD5108SYR Image

Interface - Enregistrement et lecture vocale537 Produits trouvés