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Connecteurs photovoltaïques (panneau solaire) - Co32 Produits trouvés


Phoenix Contact

La description:PV-FT-CCM-2 5-4-R1000
Phoenix Contact
Phoenix Contact- Phoenix Contact is a world leader in electrical connection, electronic interface and industrial automation technologies with a mission to create progress through innovative and inspiring solutions. The company’s relations to customers and business partners are oriented towards a common and sustained benefit. Phoenix Contact is a fully integrated manufacturer with products designed, engineered, and manufactured by Phoenix Contact.
They are widely known and recognized as an established world market leader for terminal block connection technologies for both PCB and DIN Rail applications. The diverse product range includes terminal blocks, power supplies, signal conditioners and data converters, industrial connectors, transient voltage and surge protection, wireless signal and data transmitters. Phoenix Contact also provides comprehensive automation solutions such as industrial PCs, I/O, HMI, software, and Industrial Ethernet.
Founded in 1923, Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co., Blomberg, Germany, has total annual sales of more than 1.77 billion euro and employs over 14,000 people around the world. Phoenix Contact USA, one of the company's 46 international subsidiaries, opened in 1981.
1704927 Image
  • Partie#:0933030004
  • Fabricants:Molex, LLC
  • La description:SOCKET CONTACT 12/10AWG CHAIN
  • En stock:4319
1409208 Image
1987280-4 Image
1409207 Image
1987281-2 Image
1987281-1 Image
1987281-3 Image
1704928 Image
1301970347 Image
  • Partie#:0933030003
  • Fabricants:Molex, LLC
  • La description:SOCKET CONTACT 2.5MM CHAIN
  • En stock:289989
1987280-1 Image
1409209 Image
1301960315 Image
1987280-2 Image
1301960314 Image
1301970346 Image
  • Partie#:1301970346
  • Fabricants:Molex, LLC
  • La description:CONN SOCKET CONTACT 10-12AWG
  • En stock:93157

Connecteurs photovoltaïques (panneau solaire) - Co32 Produits trouvés