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Easy Braid Co.

Descripción:SOLDER NO-CLEAN .031" X 20'
Easy Braid Co.
Easy Braid Co.- Established in 1989 EasyBraid Co. has achieved widespread recognition as a provider and manufacturer of supplies and equipment used in the PCB assembly industry. The company vision has been an inspiration from the beginning—A firm commitment to excellence with a global perspective and an eye to the future. Bringing quality, service, and value to each of our customers is as important as providing new and innovative products to our worldwide market. We strive to deliver a complete solution to quality inspection and repair/rework needs by providing well-trained field applications engineers and utilizing the sales support of over 200 representatives and distributors throughout the United States and in 20 additional countries spanning six continents.
As products, packaging, and technologies constantly change, high quality and consistent performance is essential. By manufacturing in compliance with ISO9002 standards, and through our strict adherence to Statistical Process Control (SPC), EasyBraid Co. can assure you the highest quality product and will guarantee the consistency of that quality.
OS-S031 Image
  • Parte#:437756
  • Fabricantes:Multicore
  • Descripción:SAV1 366 5C 0.81MM 0.5KG AM
  • En stock:2219
04-6337-0000 Image
395442 Image
  • Parte#:395442
  • Fabricantes:Multicore
  • Descripción:63/37 400 1% .064DIA/16SWG
  • En stock:1336
SMDSWLF.020 4OZ Image
OS-S031AS Image
04-6337-0050 Image
SMD2205-25000 Image
4896-227G Image
  • Parte#:544784
  • Fabricantes:Multicore
  • Descripción:WS200 RWF 30G SYRINGE
  • En stock:1842
17552 Image
  • Parte#:17552
  • Fabricantes:Aven Tools
  • Descripción:SOLDER 1.2MM 20G
  • En stock:4339
4901-227G Image
4880-18G Image
  • Parte#:4880-18G
  • Fabricantes:MG Chemicals
  • Descripción:SOLDER RA 63/37 .032" PKT PACK
  • En stock:10625
4935-112G Image
SMD4300AX10T5 Image
14-6337-0062 Image
SMD291AX500T4C Image
SMD4300SNL500T3C Image
4885-454G Image
  • Parte#:865940
  • Fabricantes:Multicore
  • Descripción:99C C511 3C 0.81MM 0.5KG AM
  • En stock:1921
  • Parte#:421562
  • Fabricantes:Multicore
  • Descripción:SN62 C502 5C 1.02MM 0.5KG .040"
  • En stock:2336
  • Parte#:1007354
  • Fabricantes:Multicore
  • Descripción:BI58 LM100 AAS90V PASTE
  • En stock:1275
392249 Image
  • Parte#:392249
  • Fabricantes:Multicore
  • Descripción:63/37 400 2% .064DIA/16SWG
  • En stock:1284
SMD4300AX500T3C Image
SMD2060 Image
24-6040-0053 Image
4912-227G Image
7016070520 Image
SMD291AX500T5 Image
SMD2040-25000 Image
386857 Image
  • Parte#:386857
  • Fabricantes:Multicore
  • Descripción:63/37 400 3% .032DIA/21SWG
  • En stock:1747
SMD291AX500T3C Image
4888-454G Image
  • Parte#:893357
  • Fabricantes:Multicore
  • Descripción:97SC HYDRO-X 3C0.38MM 0.25KG AM
  • En stock:1965
4876-227G Image
4884-454G Image
SMD4300SNL10 Image
  • Parte#:536290
  • Fabricantes:Multicore
  • Descripción:97CU3 ARAX 4C 3.25MM 10KG AM
  • En stock:160
4900-112G Image

Soldar388 Productos Encontrados