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Casa > Productos > Optoelectrónica > LED de iluminación de color

LED de iluminación de color2203 Productos Encontrados


Seoul Semiconductor Inc.

Descripción:LED RED 622NM WTR CLR SMD
Seoul Semiconductor Inc.
Seoul Semiconductor Inc.- Seoul Semiconductor manufacturers and packages a wide selection of light emitting diodes (LEDs) for the automotive, lighting, appliance, mobile, signage, and back lighting units (BLU) markets. The company is the world’s fifth largest LED supplier, holding more than 10, 000 patents globally, while offering a wide range of LED technology and production capacity in areas such as "nPola", deep UV LEDs, and "Acrich", the world’s first commercially produced AC LED.
RS2180 Image
XSFBB983W Image
  • Parte#:XSFBB983W
  • Fabricantes:SunLED
  • Descripción:LAMP 7.6MM SQ SUP FLUX BL WTR CL
  • En stock:157566
XPEAMB-L1-R250-00302 Image
XMLCTW-A0-0000-00C2ACCB1 Image
XPEBRD-L1-0000-00902 Image
XMLCTW-A0-0000-00C3AABA1 Image
XTEARY-00-0000-000000N07 Image
XQERDO-02-0000-000000801 Image
XQEGRN-H0-0000-000000902 Image
XPEBGR-L1-0000-00G02 Image
XBDRDO-00-0000-000000803 Image
LZ4-04MDPB-0000 Image
L1C1-FRD1000000000 Image
XRCAMB-L1-R250-00M01 Image
XBDBLU-00-0000-000000Y01 Image
XPEGRN-L1-0000-00701 Image
XPEBLU-L1-0000-00Z02 Image
XQEGRN-H0-0000-000000901 Image
LD CQ7P-2U3U-W5-1 Image
XPEBGR-L1-0000-00D02 Image
LA W5AP-LXMY-24-Z Image
XTEARY-02-0000-000000Q01 Image
LZ1-00R200-0000 Image
XPCRED-L1-R250-00Z02 Image
XRCRED-L1-R250-00K01 Image
XPEGRN-L1-R250-00E01 Image
XPERDO-L1-R250-00701 Image
XPCGRN-L1-R250-00902 Image
GT CSHPM1.13-LRLT-26 Image
LOPL-E001A Image
SBT-70-G-F75-JM202 Image
XPCRED-L1-R250-00Z01 Image
XPEAMB-L1-R250-00603 Image
LD CQAR-VOAQ-24-1 Image

LED de iluminación de color2203 Productos Encontrados