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Kilo International

Kilo International
Kilo International- Kilo International was started in 1956, by Bob Gach, in LaVerne, CA. At this time, the company focused on producing the finest in dials. The company remained in LaVerne, under the direction of Mr. Gach until 1983, when Mr. Gach passed away.  The shop was then run by Jim Davis, until he bought the company from Mr. Gach's estate in 1987. At this time, the company started expanding its operations to include custom machining and controls knobs. In 1990, the company moved to its current location in Provo, UT and is continuing to build upon its reputation as the producers of the finest in multi-turn dials and control knobs.
OESL-50-4-7 Image
OEJA-90-2-7 Image
1900-H Image
1520AT Image
DDS-75-2-6 Image
DDS-50-3-6 Image
2980 Image
OEDA-75-1-5 Image
OESL-63-4-7 Image
1505-D Image
  • Parte#:5104E
  • Fabricantes:Ohmite
  • Descripción:KNOB SMOOTH 3.250" ALUMINUM
  • En stock:2194
OEDL-75-3-7 Image
OESA-90-3-5 Image
1.30077.0410000 Image
  • Parte#:5112AE
  • Fabricantes:Ohmite
  • Descripción:KNOB FLUTED 2.375" ALUMINUM
  • En stock:2644
  • Parte#:5103E
  • Fabricantes:Ohmite
  • Descripción:KNOBS D83187
  • En stock:9942
DDS-75-3-6 Image
KS900B1/4 Image
3090-J Image
OESA-90-1-5 Image
OEDA-75-3-6 Image
OEDNI-50-3-7 Image
OEJNI-90-4-6 Image
1507-C Image
OESL-75-3-6 Image
SC-90-1-5 Image
ML-50-1-5 Image
DD-63-2-6 Image
OESL-90-1-7 Image
OEJNI-75-4-5 Image
OEJNI-75-2-7 Image
JD-63-4-6 Image
OESA-75-3-7 Image
OEJNI-50-4-7 Image
  • Parte#:5110E
  • Fabricantes:Ohmite
  • Descripción:KNOB FLUTED 1.625" ALUMINUM
  • En stock:2367
  • Parte#:5116
  • Fabricantes:Ohmite
  • Descripción:KNOBS D83188
  • En stock:4488

Perillas1476 Productos Encontrados