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Casa > Productos > Filtros > Núcleos de ferrita-cables y cableado

Núcleos de ferrita-cables y cableado739 Productos Encontrados


Laird-Signal Integrity Products

Laird-Signal Integrity Products
Laird-Signal Integrity ProductsFormerly known as Steward is the leading producer of ferrite and related materials used in the electronics, copier, telecommunications, military and automotive industries. Established in 1876, Laird Technologies - Signal Integrity Products has corporate offices in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA with two manufacturing facilities in North America, and markets its products around the world.
28B1417-200 Image
28R0315-200 Image
FSRH070080RN000B Image
28A2913-0A2 Image
74271211S Image
ESD-R-10D Image
  • Parte#:ESD-R-10D
  • Fabricantes:KEMET
  • Descripción:FERRITE CORE SOLID 5MM
  • En stock:171600
ESD-R-19S Image
  • Parte#:ESD-R-19S
  • Fabricantes:KEMET
  • Descripción:FERRITE CORE SOLID 10MM
  • En stock:76230
782013068250 Image
7427809 Image
ESD-R-38 Image
  • Parte#:ESD-R-38
  • Fabricantes:KEMET
  • Descripción:FERRITE CORE SOLID 17.5MM
  • En stock:13796
28A2025-0A2 Image
28R0614-100 Image
KR16TT191008 Image
74271132S Image
FB73-085 Image
ZCAT2132-1130 Image
HFA150066-0A0 Image
ESD-R-12D Image
  • Parte#:ESD-R-12D
  • Fabricantes:KEMET
  • Descripción:FERRITE CORE SOLID 6MM
  • En stock:37922
KR16TT120805 Image
FSRB041020RNB00B Image
ZCAT2017-0930-BK Image
HFA100049-0A2 Image
AB 4X2X6 W Image
74270112 Image
28B0384-000 Image
28S2001-0M0 Image
HFB123049-000 Image
HFB170070-100 Image
28B0616-000 Image
28B0355-000 Image
7427221 Image
ESD-R-47D-1 Image
  • Parte#:ESD-R-47D-1
  • Fabricantes:KEMET
  • Descripción:FERRITE CORE SOLID 25.5MM
  • En stock:7219
KRCBC160928B Image
FB43-110 Image
KR16TT251512 Image
7427005 Image
782013076508 Image

Núcleos de ferrita-cables y cableado739 Productos Encontrados