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Conectores rectangulares-carcasa15717 Productos Encontrados


Amphenol FCI

Descripción:CONN RECPT 38POS 2.54MM CRIMP
Amphenol FCI
Amphenol FCI- Amphenol Corporation acquired FCI Asia Pte Ltd on 8 Jan 2016, further strengthening FCI as an international connector and cable assembly solutions manufacturer of Backplane Connectors, Power Solutions, Board/Wire to Board Connectors, Input/Output Connectors, Optical Interconnect, Cable Assemblies and Flex Connectors. At Amphenol FCI (AFCI), they design and manufacture a wide array of hi-tech connector solutions for various market applications, including data/tele-communications, data storage and servers, consumer electronics, medical, industrial & instrumentation, automotive motorized vehicles as well as renewable energy. Their global footprint comprises of R&D, manufacturing and sales operations. They are well renowned and respected for their technological leadership, as well as innovative connector and cable assembly solutions. Related product brands include: Amphenol, Amphenol Advanced Sensors (formerly GE Sensing), Amphenol Aerospace Operations, Amphenol Commercial Products, Amphenol Industrial, Amphenol Pcd, Amphenol RF, Amphenol Sine Systems, Amphenol SV Microwave.
1-1971771-3 Image
207019-1 Image
2029110-3 Image
DF1BA-24DEP-2.5RC Image
87175-8 Image
DF1BA-2EP-2.5RC Image
2-1241961-7 Image
176289-9 Image
0019092039 Image
  • Parte#:0019092039
  • Fabricantes:Molex, LLC
  • Descripción:093 PWR PLUG FREE HANG V-2 3CKT
  • En stock:131257
1-1445048-0 Image
5031102000 Image
  • Parte#:5031102000
  • Fabricantes:Molex, LLC
  • Descripción:1.25MM WTB HOUSING DUAL 20POS
  • En stock:139060
DF1BA-5EP-2.5RC Image
  • Parte#:0349852071
  • Fabricantes:Molex, LLC
  • Descripción:MX150 ASSY HYB RCPT 2X8 CS LTGY
  • En stock:28246
DF11-6DS-2C Image
87439-0900 Image
DF33-8DS-3.3C Image
  • Parte#:0918139106
  • Fabricantes:Molex, LLC
  • Descripción:CRIMP TERM HSG KK 5.08MM 6POS
  • En stock:375194
  • Parte#:0456260008
  • Fabricantes:Molex, LLC
  • En stock:88529
3-87175-0 Image
ZER-12V-S Image
MX34016SF1 Image
2029111-3 Image
1586851-1 Image
1-87270-3 Image
2-1969597-4 Image
ZER-16V-S Image
10127816-04LF Image
794412-1 Image
0511100660 Image
  • Parte#:0511100660
  • Fabricantes:Molex, LLC
  • En stock:176819
ISDF-03-D-M Image

Conectores rectangulares-carcasa15717 Productos Encontrados