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Casa > Productos > Conectores, Interconexiones > Conectores FFC, FPC (Flat flexible)

Conectores FFC, FPC (Flat flexible)8908 Productos Encontrados


JST Sales America Inc.

Descripción:CONN FFC TOP 26POS 1.00MM R/A
JST Sales America Inc.
JST Sales America Inc.- JST has been dedicated to excellence in connection technology as a global manufacturer of high quality (ISO-9001/QS-9000) sub-miniature connectors since 1957. Our product offering consists of Wire-to-Wire, Wire-to-Board, Board-to-Board, Flex/Flat Cable, memory connectors, solderless terminals, chain terminals, shunts and application tooling. JST's Engineering Centers offer design and development, prototype and pre-production manufacturing, and electrical/environmental testing capabilities. Production flexibility, innovative product development, production engineering, quality assurance, value added solutions and responsiveness to customer needs are what have fueled our growth and resulted in rewarding partnerships with our valued customers.
54393-4581 Image
FH35C-31S-0.3SHW(99) Image
  • Parte#:0522712379
  • Fabricantes:Molex, LLC
  • Descripción:CONN FPC BOTTOM 23POS 1.00MM R/A
  • En stock:55182
68710614522 Image
FH26W-25S-0.3SHW(05) Image
52559-3672 Image
FH28D-28S-0.5SH(10) Image
0528920895 Image
  • Parte#:0528920895
  • Fabricantes:Molex, LLC
  • Descripción:CONN FFC BOTTOM 8POS 0.50MM R/A
  • En stock:68211
  • Parte#:SLP4S-2
  • Fabricantes:Amphenol FCI
  • Descripción:CONN FFC VERT 4POS 1.25MM PCB
  • En stock:3782
  • Parte#:0015474210
  • Fabricantes:Molex, LLC
  • Descripción:CONN CIC FFC RCPT 21POS 2.54MM
  • En stock:9223
0522072260 Image
  • Parte#:0522072260
  • Fabricantes:Molex, LLC
  • Descripción:CONN FFC FPC TOP 22POS 1MM R/A
  • En stock:15290
AYF330935 Image
  • Parte#:0522071960
  • Fabricantes:Molex, LLC
  • Descripción:CONN FFC FPC TOP 19POS 1MM R/A
  • En stock:45158
FH19SC-16S-0.5SH(99) Image
  • Parte#:0522072160
  • Fabricantes:Molex, LLC
  • Descripción:CONN FFC FPC TOP 21POS 1MM R/A
  • En stock:48506
5016164585 Image
  • Parte#:5016164585
  • Fabricantes:Molex, LLC
  • Descripción:CONN FPC TOP 45POS 0.30MM R/A
  • En stock:24683
  • Parte#:0039532134
  • Fabricantes:Molex, LLC
  • Descripción:CONN FFC TOP 13POS 1.25MM R/A
  • En stock:75647
0512812094 Image
  • Parte#:0512812094
  • Fabricantes:Molex, LLC
  • Descripción:CONN FFC FPC 20POS 0.50MM R/A
  • En stock:46231
SLW12S-1C7 Image
  • Parte#:0015474062
  • Fabricantes:Molex, LLC
  • Descripción:CONN CIC FFC RCPT 6POS 2.54MM
  • En stock:56780
AYF533435 Image
1775333-8 Image
1-84534-6 Image
10017251-452240ELF Image
FH12-26S-0.5SH Image
046232112103800+ Image

Conectores FFC, FPC (Flat flexible)8908 Productos Encontrados