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Casa > Productos > Cables, Alambres - Gestión > Ataduras de cables y cordón de cable

Ataduras de cables y cordón de cable4765 Productos Encontrados


Essentra Components

Descripción:CBL TIE REL ARRW MT NAT 6.81"
Essentra Components
Essentra Components- Essentra Components forms part of Essentra plc, a leading international supplier of specialty plastic, fiber, foam and packaging products with four principal operating divisions: Component & Protection Solutions, Porous Technologies, Packaging & Securing Solutions and Filter Products. Through these divisions, Essentra focuses on the light manufacture and distribution of high volume, essential components which serve customers in a wide variety of end-markets and geographies.
Having recently rebranded, Essentra Components' new identity helps to bring together all our previously multi-branded offering under one name to underline our breadth of product range and specialist capabilities. Essentra Components has become a strong product distributor across the globe through the culmination of ideals and products from a number of former businesses. These include Moss Plastics, Alliance and Richco.
WIT-30RRAA-12-M Image
17-HD200B-C Image
  • Parte#:17-HD200B-C
  • Fabricantes:Qualtek
  • Descripción:CBL TIE LOCKING BK 120LB 7.87"
  • En stock:233922
PLC2S-S10-M20 Image
  • Parte#:17-S430N-C
  • Fabricantes:Qualtek
  • Descripción:CBL TIE LOCKING NAT 50LB 1.41'
  • En stock:197675
CT076B Image
SJ3000 1/2
CT36NT175-L Image
  • Parte#:CT36NT175-L
  • Fabricantes:3M
  • Descripción:36" NATURAL 175LB CABLE TIE
  • En stock:25630
CT068B Image
T250S0X2 Image
PLT.6SM-M0 Image
  • Parte#:20-S300N-C
  • Fabricantes:Qualtek
  • Descripción:CBL TIE TRIGGER REL NAT 11.83"
  • En stock:230234
RKS-16-8-W Image
T120L9K2 Image
RT50S0C2 Image
PRT5EH-Q Image
  • Parte#:6-6-6-SJ3541
  • Fabricantes:3M (TC)
  • Descripción:RCLSBLE FSTNR 6"X6" SQR 6PK
  • En stock:805
WIT-RT-1050C Image
  • Parte#:2-6-10-SJ3541
  • Fabricantes:3M (TC)
  • Descripción:RCLSBLE FSTNR 2"X6" RCTNGL 10PK
  • En stock:1218
PLT8LH-L Image
  • Parte#:PLT8LH-L
  • Fabricantes:Panduit Corp
  • Descripción:CABLE TIE LIGHT-HVY NAT 27.6"
  • En stock:38315
17-HD400N-C Image
  • Parte#:17-HD400N-C
  • Fabricantes:Qualtek
  • Descripción:CBL TIE LOCKING NAT 120LB 1.31'
  • En stock:92627
SG300S-M0 Image
  • Parte#:21B-I155B-C
  • Fabricantes:Qualtek
  • Descripción:CBL TIE PUSH MT BK 40LB 6.1"
  • En stock:779851
17-S160B-C Image
  • Parte#:17-S160B-C
  • Fabricantes:Qualtek
  • Descripción:CBL TIE LOCKING BK 50LB 6.3"
  • En stock:459744
CBR3S-M30 Image
T50I0VOC2 Image

Ataduras de cables y cordón de cable4765 Productos Encontrados