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Storm Interface

Beschreibung:SWITCH KEYPAD 16 KEY 0.05A 24V
Storm Interface
Storm Interface- Storm Interface - The company’s purpose: To develop, manufacture and market rugged and responsive data entry devices for use in a wide range of industrial and public applications.
Keymat Technology Ltd. was formed in March 1986 as a private UK registered company. It is headquartered, in its own freehold premises, west of London, just four miles north of Heathrow Airport. The company’s production division ‘Storm Manufacturing’ is based in Maldon, on England’s east coast and its North American sales division is located in Glen Ellyn, Illinois just outside Chicago.
The core switching technologies developed by the company are protected by international patents and patent applications. These technologies continue to be developed and incorporated in new, innovative products to augment and complement the established product range.
This strategy of continued development has enabled the company to market a wider range of data entry products under a single powerful trademark “STORM”. These are premium brand products reflecting the exacting engineering and performance standards demanded in today's military, medical, industrial and public environments.
3KLW16T103 Image
3KLW042103 Image
70160103 Image
1K042103 Image
FMBN16BD Image
1K16T103 Image
2K12T103 Image
88AB2-172 Image
3K120103 Image
96AB2-152-R Image
88AB2-152 Image
EZ08-23001 Image
PLX042203 Image
84LS-BB2-014-N Image
3K160103 Image
7203-04C0203 Image
88BB2-082 Image
3K041103 Image
EZB2-405H03 Image
87EC3-201 Image
GS120203 Image
7207-121W203 Image
EZ05-222013 Image
82-101-71 Image
84R-AB2-112-PD Image
88BB2 Image
  • Teil#:88BB2
  • Hersteller:Grayhill Inc.
  • Beschreibung:SWITCH KEYPAD 16 KEY 0.01A 24V
  • Auf Lager:1638
3K16T103 Image
FMBP16BF Image
88JB2 Image
  • Teil#:88JB2
  • Hersteller:Grayhill Inc.
  • Beschreibung:SWITCH KEYPAD 20 KEY 0.01A 24V
  • Auf Lager:1163
70120103 Image
1K041103 Image
7202-12T0203 Image
1K12T103 Image
1068.1012.1110001 Image
7207-1610203 Image
87CC3-201 Image
1K160103 Image
3K042103 Image
7202-16T0203 Image
DEPLXT203 Image
2K041103 Image
DR2KT203 Image
419 Image
PLX041203 Image
70120203 Image
GS160203 Image
96AB2-152-F Image
2K120103 Image
2K042103 Image
PLX160203 Image

Tastenschalter494 Produkte gefunden