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Kondensator-Kits386 Produkte gefunden


Johanson Technology Inc.

Beschreibung:CAP KIT CERAMIC 0.3PF-33PF 560PC
Johanson Technology Inc.
Johanson Technology Inc.- Johanson Technology was formed to specifically focus on RF, microwave and optical markets. With a highly experienced design team, we produce superior high frequency ceramic solutions through optimization of ceramics, inks and RF circuit designs. Our focus on high frequency has enabled JTI to provide products with exceptional high frequency performance. We have received certification to the ISO9001-2000 standard.
Johanson Technology provides high frequency ceramic solutions for Cellular, WLAN, Bluetooth, WiMax, WiFi, UWB, RF/Microwave, Millimeter Wave, and Fiber Optic applications, as well as custom high frequency ceramic solutions. We offer a broad range of standard products including: Multilayer Capacitors, Single Layer Capacitors, RF Inductors, RF Wire-wound Inductors, Chip Antennas, Baluns, Balanced Filters, Band Pass Filters, High Pass Filter, Low Pass Filters, Couplers, and Diplexers.
S201DL Image
KITUQ810LF Image
TAN ENG KIT 19 Image
  • Teil#:TAN ENG KIT 19
  • Hersteller:KEMET
  • Beschreibung:CAP KIT TANT 1UF-22UF 100PCS
  • Auf Lager:678
ACCU-P 0402KIT03 Image
HI-CV CAP 1002 Image
GJM03-KIT-DE-2 Image
KITSQ003LF Image
Q17863 Image
KITSQ1400LF Image
PS-5904 Image
  • Teil#:PS-5904
  • Hersteller:Eaton
  • Beschreibung:CAP KIT SUPERCAP 0.1F-3.3F 38PCS
  • Auf Lager:3853
S111TVE Image
  • Teil#:PPR ENG KIT 01
  • Hersteller:KEMET
  • Beschreibung:CAP KIT FILM 1000PF-0.15UF 90PCS
  • Auf Lager:1502
CER ENG KIT 37 Image
  • Teil#:CER ENG KIT 37
  • Hersteller:KEMET
  • Beschreibung:CAP KIT CERAMIC 1PF-10PF 850PCS
  • Auf Lager:325
GRM15-KIT-X5R-X7R-DE Image
HI-CV CAP 1004 Image
PS-5905 Image
  • Teil#:PS-5905
  • Hersteller:Eaton
  • Beschreibung:CAP KIT SUPERCAP 3.3F-10F 24PCS
  • Auf Lager:3955
885050 Image
EDU-KIT1 Image
C06-AC01-E3-KIT Image
Q2038982 Image
VY2-KIT-MS Image
1189-3695-KIT Image
CGA-AC01-E6-KIT Image
P4542-KIT Image
587-1795-KIT Image
S-0402DIGI Image
VY1-KIT-MS Image
ACCU-P 0201KIT02T Image
CER ENG KIT 31 Image
  • Teil#:CER ENG KIT 31
  • Hersteller:KEMET
  • Beschreibung:CAP KIT CERAMIC 10PF-10UF 1150PC
  • Auf Lager:558
KITUQ260LF Image
CER ENG KIT 05 Image
  • Teil#:CER ENG KIT 05
  • Hersteller:KEMET
  • Beschreibung:CAP KIT CERAMIC 10PF-10UF 2000PC
  • Auf Lager:6
493-SNAPKIT4 Image
TAN ENG KIT 20 Image
  • Teil#:TAN ENG KIT 20
  • Hersteller:KEMET
  • Beschreibung:CAP KIT TANT 1UF-470UF 200PCS
  • Auf Lager:627
CER ENG KIT 35 Image
  • Teil#:CER ENG KIT 35
  • Hersteller:KEMET
  • Beschreibung:CAP KIT CER 0.3PF-100PF 2000PCS
  • Auf Lager:256
TAN ENG KIT 26 Image
  • Teil#:TAN ENG KIT 26
  • Hersteller:KEMET
  • Beschreibung:CAP KIT TANT POLY 0.1-470UF 60PC
  • Auf Lager:611
TAN ENG KIT 23 Image
  • Teil#:TAN ENG KIT 23
  • Hersteller:KEMET
  • Beschreibung:CAP KIT ALUM/TAN 10-1500UF 170PC
  • Auf Lager:375
CEU-AC01-E6-KIT Image
Q109306 Image
1189-3691-KIT Image
  • Teil#:1189-3691-KIT
  • Hersteller:Rubycon
  • Beschreibung:CAP KIT ALUM 330UF-5600UF 45PCS
  • Auf Lager:2003

Kondensator-Kits386 Produkte gefunden