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Zuhause > Produkte > Diskrete Halbleiterprodukte > Thyristor-triacs

Thyristor-triacs2609 Produkte gefunden


Central Semiconductor Corp

Beschreibung:TRIAC A TO-220
Central Semiconductor Corp
Central Semiconductor Corp- Since 1974, Central Semiconductor has been a go-to company for customers around the world who want innovative and reliable discrete semiconductors. Today, Central supplies leading edge discrete semiconductors for the hottest high-tech products, from MP3 players and tablet computers to wearable electronics and smart phones. Cisco Systems, HP, IBM, ITT, Motorola and Sony are among Central's top customers. At the same time, Central continues to manufacture older technology devices still needed by many manufacturers of products with long life cycles.
BTA410-800ET,127 Image
BT137S-600F,118 Image
BCR5AS-14A-T13#B00 Image
Q6025LH5 Image
Q2016RH6 Image
BTA316B-800E,118 Image
BTA25H-600CW3G Image
Q6008L559 Image
L0103MERP Image
Q2006N4RP Image
L0109MTRP4 Image
FKN08PN60 Image
CTA06-1200C Image
2N6075BG Image
BTA312B-800B,118 Image
L6004F52 Image
Z0410MF0AA2 Image
T1035H-6T Image
BTA26-600BRG Image
Z0109MN,135 Image
QK008VH3 Image
CTA16-1200CWPT Image
L4008L656 Image
Q4004F31 Image
QK016RH6 Image
MAC4DSN-001 Image
BTA212X-600F,127 Image
ACST6-7SFP Image
Q4008NH4TP Image
BTB24-700BRG Image
BTB06-800SWRG Image
Q8016NH3TP Image
BTA316X-800B,127 Image
L6006D6RP Image
BCR3AS-14B-T13#B00 Image
BTA04-700SRG Image
BTA316-800C/DGQ Image
Q4006LT55 Image
BTA16-800BW3G Image
L6008D8TP Image
Q4015LT Image
L4X8E5RP Image
MAC212A10 Image
Q6025R5TP Image

Thyristor-triacs2609 Produkte gefunden