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Lautsprecher1445 Produkte gefunden



Knowles- Since 1946 Knowles has helped designers find more ways to put better technology to work for their customers. Knowles is a market leader and global supplier of advanced micro-acoustic, specialty components, and human interface solutions in the mobile communications, consumer electronics, medical technology, and other industrial end markets. Knowles’ deep experience and rigorous testing delivers consistently dependable and precise products including speakers and microphones for hearing health products, premium music earphones, communications headsets, and industrial acoustic applications. Knowles MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) microphones and micro-speakers are widely used in smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and other portable devices.
Headquartered in Itasca, Illinois, and publicly traded on the NYSE under the symbol “KN”, Knowles has more than 10,000 employees in 37 locations worldwide includes design centers in Europe, Asia and North America. All manufacturing facilities are ISO-9001 certified, with some additionally certified to ISO-14001 or OHSAS-18001. The Knowles Quality Management System ensures design, integrity, efficient manufacturing and the cost effective on-time delivery of their products.
GF0922 Image
  • Teil#:GF0922
  • Hersteller:CUI Inc.
  • Beschreibung:SPEAKER 8 OHM 2W 92MM ROUND
  • Auf Lager:20195
SP-2027 Image
  • Teil#:SP-2027
  • Hersteller:Soberton Inc.
  • Beschreibung:SPEAKER 8 OHM 1W TOP 83DB ROUND
  • Auf Lager:18584
AS01508AO-SC-WP-R Image
CVS-2308 Image
  • Teil#:CVS-2308
  • Hersteller:CUI Inc.
  • Beschreibung:SPEAKER 8 OHM .1W ROUND
  • Auf Lager:22128
EF-21937-000 Image
GA0381M Image
  • Teil#:GA0381M
  • Hersteller:CUI Inc.
  • Beschreibung:SPEAKER ALNICO 8OHM .2W 38MM RND
  • Auf Lager:29255
SDS-P830880 Image
BK-29725-000 Image
  • Teil#:BK-29725-000
  • Hersteller:Knowles
  • Beschreibung:SPEAKER Z=640OHMS SS PORT ON END
  • Auf Lager:4913
BK-21610-000 Image
  • Teil#:BK-21610-000
  • Hersteller:Knowles
  • Beschreibung:SPEAKER Z=145OHM SS PORT ON END
  • Auf Lager:2382
PSR10N08AK Image
CDMG15008-03 Image
FSL-1225R02-08 Image
PSR-50F08S-JQ Image
TC6FD02-04 Image
CI-28226-000 Image
PLS-75F25AL05-08 Image
RVA-90020-N18 Image
CM-23299-000 Image
  • Teil#:CM-23299-000
  • Hersteller:Knowles
  • Beschreibung:SPEAKER Z=150 OHMS 28AWG WIRES
  • Auf Lager:2928
CMS-28588N-L152 Image
AST-01708MR-R Image
GF0927 Image
  • Teil#:GF0927
  • Hersteller:CUI Inc.
  • Beschreibung:SPEAKER 8 OHM 2W 92MM SQUARE
  • Auf Lager:15586
CLS0281MP Image
  • Teil#:CLS0281MP
  • Hersteller:CUI Inc.
  • Beschreibung:SPEAKER 8OHMS .2W 28MM PC MNT
  • Auf Lager:16263
EH-23030-000 Image
  • Teil#:EH-23030-000
  • Hersteller:Knowles
  • Beschreibung:SPEAKER Z=1.055K OHM PORT ON END
  • Auf Lager:1683
ED-27303-000 Image
CI-22955-000 Image
BK-21615-000 Image
BC18WG59-04 Image
RVA-90020-N28 Image
SR-32453-000 Image

Lautsprecher1445 Produkte gefunden