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Специални трансформатори284 Намерени продукти


Bourns Inc.

Bourns Inc.
Bourns Inc.- Bourns, Inc. has been leading the electronics industry in the design, manufacture and sale of electronic components and integrated solutions since its inception in 1947 by Marlan and Rosemary Bourns. As an industry innovator, Bourns targets product development at high-growth industries such as computers, telecommunications, automotive and portable electronics.
Bourns established a benchmark for the quality, value and innovation of its products and services early in the Company’s history with the 1952 introduction of the Trimpot® line. This was the world’s first patented trimming potentiometer. Bourns dedication to excellence ensures the continuous improvement of its products and services to satisfy customers on a global basis. Bourns philosophy is founded upon product quality, dependable delivery and the best overall value for its worldwide customers. In addition to maintaining global manufacturing and customer support capabilities, Bourns invests heavily in the development of technologies and the expansion of its manufacturing capabilities to meet customers’ changing needs. Through this continuous investment, Bourns drives the trend toward component miniaturization. The Company’s commitment to quality is demonstrated in its manufacturing operations, which meet QS 9000 and ISO 9001/2000 certifications.
Bourns sells a broad range of passive components, including trimming potentiometers, overcurrent protection devices, sensors, modular contacts, resistive networks, switches, encoders, panel controls, linear motion potentiometers, dials, precision potentiometers, inductive components, chip resistors and chip resistor arrays, and more. In addition, our Circuit Protection offering continues to expand to include thyristor surge protectors, resettable and telecom fuses, gas discharge tubes, line protection modules, chip diodes and ESD protection products. Outside Plant products include central office, station and multi-stage protectors as well as network interface devices (NIDS) and digital subscriber line (DSL) products. More recent product line additions include DC/DC converters, microelectronic modules, specialty resistors and power semiconductors.
LM-NP-1001-B1L Image
  • част #:LM-NP-1001-B1L
  • Производители:Bourns Inc.
  • В наличност:25333
PFC3519QM-451K04E-00 Image
PH9185.013NL Image
CTX210403-R Image
  • част #:CTX210403-R
  • Производители:Eaton
  • описание:TRANSFORMER CCFL 4W 26V 7MA SMD
  • В наличност:4827
PH9400.655NLT Image
PH9400.566NLT Image
ATB322515-0110 Image
CTX210607-R Image
  • част #:CTX210607-R
  • Производители:Eaton
  • описание:TRANSFORMER CCFL 6W 15V 11MA SMD
  • В наличност:6676
PH9185.083NL Image
782485/55C Image
PH9385.038NLT Image
PH9085.021NLT Image
PH9385.015NLT Image
PE-65812FNLT Image
PH9400.111ANLT Image
PH9185.012NLT Image
PFC3819QM-151K11B-00 Image
PFC3819QM-181K09B-00 Image
750341455 Image
PH9185.043NL Image
78250VC Image
CTX210411-R Image
  • част #:CTX210411-R
  • Производители:Eaton
  • описание:TRANSFORMER CCFL 4W 10V 7MA SMD
  • В наличност:5123
PE-65812FNL Image
CTX110605-R Image
  • част #:CTX110605-R
  • Производители:Eaton
  • описание:TRANSFORMER CCFL 6W 20V 11MA SMD
  • В наличност:5610
PH9185.038NL Image
LM-NP-1003L Image
  • част #:LM-NP-1003L
  • Производители:Bourns Inc.
  • В наличност:7931
202-0180B Image
782485/35C Image
PFC3519QM-231K07B-00 Image
ZS1324-24V LUL1(H) Image
PH9185.034NL Image
B78416A2232A003 Image
  • част #:B78416A2232A003
  • Производители:EPCOS (TDK)
  • В наличност:10631
CTX410809-R Image
  • част #:CTX410809-R
  • Производители:Eaton
  • описание:TRANSFORMR CCFL 14W 13V 30MA SMD
  • В наличност:3479
PH9400.211NLT Image
ZS1052-1(H) Image
78253/55MVC-R Image
78250JC Image
PH9185.021NL Image
CTX210611-R Image
  • част #:CTX210611-R
  • Производители:Eaton
  • описание:TRANSFORMER CCFL 6W 11V 11MA SMD
  • В наличност:7365
78253/35MC Image
ZS1052(H) Image
PFC3819QM-231K07D-00 Image
78253/55JVC Image
78253/35JVC Image
PH9085.043NLT Image
PH9400.111NLT Image
78250JVC Image
PFC2723ER-421K03B-00 Image
78250C Image
H5019EFNL Image

Специални трансформатори284 Намерени продукти