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Home > Applications > Data Protection & Security Solutions for Data
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Data Protection & Security Solutions for Data Center

Security. Performance. Scalability. Reliability.

Safeguarding network infrastructure and storage systems is critical, now more than ever. Microsemi’s IO and RAID solutions featuring controller-based data encryption (CBE) and secure boot FPGAs provide data center architects with the most secure and reliable server and storage infrastructure available. 

Microsemi offers an industry-leading portfolio including solutions for system trust with our secure boot FGPA solutions, and robust data protection and security solutions for data-in-motion, data-in-use, and data-at-rest in data center environments. Our portfolio of technologies simplify time- and path-to-market with solutions tailored to an organization’s unique security, platform, performance, and business requirements. 

Controller-Based Data Encryption

Smart Storage Solutions for Data Center | MicrosemiMicrosemi is a proven leader in controller-based encryption with milestones dating back to 2008, when we introduced the industry’s first controller-based encryption solution for data centers. We’ve delivered multiple silicon and solutions innovations and industry firsts since then, such as smart stack encryption support in RAID, along with the industry’s first high port count 12 Gbps SAS ROC with encryption and the industry’s first encryption-enabled HBA.

Today, Microsemi offers controller-based encryption on both the Smart Storage platform (maxCrypto) for the Server market  and on the Tachyon platform (storClad) for the Storage Systems market.

Besides lower power needs and lower TCO, controller-based encryption offers several advantages over drive-based encryption including:

  • Architectural Advantages:  Supports all SAS or SATA disk media (HDD, SSD), including legacy devices.  Microsemi’s CBE technology enables hundreds of unique keys per drive (thousands of key per server) which enables more flexible use-cases such as instant user delete in multi-tenancy applications. Microsemi’s CBE solution also addresses security holes by ensuring that 100% of the data on the drive can be encrypted as well as all data between the drive and controller as well as the data in the RAID controller cache.  Additionally, controller-based encryption is OS independent and compliance testing can be achieved on an adapter-level for multiple configuration types.
  • Scalability: Using a controller-based approach for data encryption delivers the utmost in scalable Enterprise solutions. The ability to run at line rate protects your data center performance. Local or remote key management ensures your data-at-rest security with 256-bit XTS-AES encryption and FIPS 140-2 compliance.
  • Operational Advantages: Controller-based data encryption does not require a special drive SKU to be managed, qualified and supported.  All the standard management tools operate across our controller based encryption solutions.


Data Center Secure Boot Solutions

While robust security measures to protect data-in-motion, data-in-use and data-at-rest are fundamental to embedded systems security, establishing a hardware root of trust is equally essential. In the data center, adding a secure boot FPGA to the control CPU provides a means to ensure authenticity of the underlying platform, manage keys securely and provide strong anti-tamper countermeasures to protect against unauthorized physical access and reverse engineering. 

Microsemi is a leader in embedded systems security and smart storage solutions, with a history of market leadership in controller based data encryption and a complete portfolio based on a unified stack. Explore our secure boot solutions for data center.


Proven Technology Solutions

Data Protection and Security Solutions for the Data Center

Building on our track record of technology leadership, Microsemi’s innovative semiconductor and software solutions for data center infrastructure increase performance and enable next-generation services transforming networks that connect, store, and move big data.

Microsemi’s high-density, high-performance, and low-power SAS/SATA and NVMe media controllers enable differentiating volume or velocity storage solutions for the data center. 

Flashtec NVRAM Drives is a PCI-Express® NVRAM solution based on the most advanced NVMe controller on the market. This family provides a new level of performance to the memory/storage hierarchy, ushering storage system OEMs, cloud applications, and service providers to the era of storage-class memory.

Microsemi’s SAS, PCIe, and Ethernet fabrics enable extreme storage system scalability. Our fabrics are found within leading rack scale architectures where disaggregation of media and CPU resources create highly-optimized designs.

 Microsemi Adaptec SAS/SATA Host Bus Adapters are an ideal solution for server-based storage systems that require maximum bandwidth and I/O connectivity, low power, and high reliability. Our SAS/SATA RAID adapters meet the storage needs from entry-level to the most performance-hungry transactional database applications, and our SAS expander cards offer a scalable connectivity/fan-out option for additional drives when used in conjunction with a SAS RAID adapter or SAS HBA.

Flashtec NVMe Controllers have XTS-AES encryption engines and key management assist functions (AES Key Unwrap, TRNG), enabling controller-based encryption (CBE) or self-encrypting drive (SED) solutions for data-at-rest encryption. Our secure boot FGPAs ensure a secure boot loader for bare metal or virtualized environments. MACsec PHYs are used for end-to-end network encryption.

Our proven technology solutions support software-defined storage (SDS), synchronous replication, time stamping, or network analytics (microburst detection).